To the Ends of the Galaxy

Message to Athena #1

I’m not going to argue that you and I aren’t alike…we are, but the difference is that I see the lives of others as valuable. You’ve lost sight of that. I can see what you’re trying to do. I actually think, despite what the others say, that you’re trying to being our family together in a way. I can respect that. I can even appreciate that. BUT, what I need you to understand is that I do not agree with how you’re doing it. I really believe there’s a better way.

I think you would agree that the Saga sisters are stronger together, yes? Wouldn’t it make sense then that some of us have strengths that the others don’t? In this one thing Athena, I’ve got the strongest perspective. I really need you to see that. I’m going to continue diplomacy with you because, in my heart of hearts, I believe you actually want a relationship with me. And I know, although I don’t agree with your methods or execution, that you’re trying your best to do right by me. I’m going to make this offer once…turn yourself in. I will speak to the Ministers on your behalf and get you absolved. Regardless of your past crimes, regardless of the damage to my career or other relationships…turn yourself in and I’ll see you get a clean slate. We can, and should, be working together. I can guarantee we’d accomplish a hell of a lot more if we did. Please, Athena, turn yourself in.

Now, in regards to Ronan. I know you mean well…but seriously back the hell off. He didn’t lie to me and you do not have the whole picture here. He’s my button Athena, don’t push it. I knew he had secrets, he told me he didn’t want to discuss his bio-dad and I dropped it out of respect for him. That’s not lying, that’s telling the person important to you that you have history that’s painful and you don’t want it to affect your future or talk about it. I could have pushed him, I could have made 100% more effort to uncover the info, but at the end of the day it seriously didn’t matter. Who he got his genes from doesn’t change how I feel about him. I actually don’t care who his dad is. Now I get that it is indeed going to affect his future whether he wanted it to or not…again that’s not lying, he was just a bit naive because his history caused him pain. What kind of an ass would I be if I was pissed at him instead of supportive! I care too much about him to do anything other than try to make this easier on him. That is love Athena.

And yes, I’d like it if you were at the wedding…but I’ve got a couple stipulations.
One. Don’t call Ronan a bastard prince again.
Two. You are not going to start shit at my wedding.
Three. Unless you’re planning on turning yourself in you’re going to have to come in disguise.

If you can abide by all that, yeah I’d actually like you there. Also, if you can help Talia out with Michael, I know she cares about him a lot. And I know you and Talia butt heads, hell so do Talia and I, but at the end of the day Athena we’re sisters and what we each care about SHOULD matter to the other. I’ve been seriously understanding about the shit that’s going on with you…because it’s important to you. But you have to understand that the body count is important to me. And that is the only way you’re going to prove to me that you actually care. Lower the count Athena.




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