To the Ends of the Galaxy

Message to Kyle #1

Hi Kyle,
I’m sorry about Nest, sorry that the Michael situation led to that. I know it was Purity that attacked and everyone would say “oh it wasn’t your fault Juno” and “taking Michael off the planet was the right thing”, but at the end of the day the decisions I made still cost people their lives. I get it was still the right decision, but that right decision had consequences. That was a hard lesson for me….and well I’m sorry I froze a bit in the field when you gave an order. I don’t want any slack cut for me since your my bio-dad, so I wanted you to know that I recognized my error and will make an effort not to let it happen again.

And in regards the the whole “bit much thing”, no I appreciate the words. I appreciate knowing. And I feel the same. I’ll continue to visit as much as I can…maybe you can give me some Goliath combat training? :) I’d also like to chat more about Athena and that situation, in person, when we’re able to.

On a different note, though you’ll likely see my field report debrief, wanted you to know that while I wasn’t aware that the IG Emperor was Ronan’s dad, Ronan wasn’t dishonest with me. He told me his history was a sore subject and that he didn’t want to reveal the details of his birth dad, I respected that and we dropped it. Hope you don’t hold that against him. He’s a pretty great guy…and well, I think it should be obvious I’m kind of serious about him.




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