To the Ends of the Galaxy

Pandora's Log 7.0

Mission Debrief

Regrouped with Fortress 2 and discussed strategy. Promoted to Administrator, crew promoted to Specialists and assigned under my command. Talia given rank of Specialist and assigned under my command. Allowed to continue to tracking and reobtaining Michael in black ops mission. Until CyTech can determine if this attack was all or simple a branch of Havok, need to proceed off the record with mission. Agreed. Was assigned to the Minister of Special Operations for my admin role. Met Minister of Special Operations, Turless Linke.

Approached by Athena, negotiated for her safe retreat from Fortress 2 as long as she hurt no one along the way. She provided intel on Michael’s location. IG noble ball in 3 days located on Corellia. Clearly a set up of some kind by Athena. Others suspect nepharious plans on her part, however, after conversation with her on Fortress 2 I believe my original assessment that this is a form of family bonding for her is accurate. She is attempting to unite her siblings.

Administrator note:
I do not agree with, nor condone, Athena’s actions. And will, in good faith, work in conjunction with CyTech to stop her.

IG gathering proved easier to infiltrate than anticipated, Athena was present at the ball. Comm signals went down. Kellen and I spotted downed guards, we proceeded to investigate. Michael, obviously under Purity control, was attempting to attack the IG Emperor. My team intercepted and Talia attempted to follow Michael after he retreated. We were unsuccessful in our attempt to retake Michael. We did successfully save the Emperor and Empress. Will attempt negotiations to coordinate with IG against Purity.

Fund Distribution

50,000 credits from obtaining Dr. Torres
1,500,000 credits from defending Nest & bonus from Michael’s blood

Kellen 120,000
Cade 120,000
Ronan 120,000
Turless 100,000
Michael/Talia – allotting 100,000 for the pair to get geared up (10,000 of that is coming from previous funds not spent)
1,000,000 going towards the ship

Personal Debrief

Bio-dad made it a point to speak with Ronan again before we set out to track Michael down. Kyle also pulled me aside to officially tell me he approved. I could tell he didn’t necessarily approve of the tradition, but I appreciate that he made the effort despite that. I think he does actually approve of Ronan as a person, just not necessarily of his ties with IG. Had a conversation with Ronan about my talk with bio-dad…I think I did a bit better job this time of being suave, at least hopefully I did. I did mention to Ronan after that I was sorry for botching things with the traditions, but I was trying to honor them for him. He seemed to understand and said it was another custom to give the girl a gift. A symbol. He didn’t exactly spell out that it was a hell of a lot more than a symbol, it was a ring, and honestly, since it was a pretty cool piece of tech….I didn’t put two and two together at first. I actually just though he was giving me a baller piece of tech. Frack. I would have been a bit more, I don’t know, excited, pleased, give him a kiss…something, if I’d realized he was announcing we were engaged. Sigh. I seriously need to devote some damn time to reading more on IG. Anyway, I gave him the panther droid I’d been working on, he seemed to like it. I made sure to let him know I kind of thought I’d gotten friend zoned and since I wasn’t sure the extend of his traditions he was going to have to lead the physical stuff so I didn’t do something that would go against his culture. He agreed, but asked why I didn’t just ask the other IG member, Cade, on the ship…yeah….I explained why that wouldn’t go over so well. He was a bit surprised. I feel like an ass where’s Cade’s involved, but to be fair I didn’t lead him on, hell I 100% stopped flirting with him as soon as I had any feelings for Ronan.

Ronan and I hooked up. Pretty sure I was his first too, which kind of clued me into things more than the ring did, but I still asked anyway…cause I need to know where we stand. What exactly this all meant. He explained that the ring symbolized an engagement with intent to wed. Well, at least he’s blunt when he realizes I need him to be. That went from 0 to 60 pretty fast. I mean, not that I totally mind, that is what I had in mind. I had already decided on him awhile ago…

We talked about how to act in front of the crew and decided that while on mission we would be 100% professional and while on the ship, since it was our home, we would let ourselves be familiar with one another in front of the others. Next morning, at breakfast, we sat next to one another…but I’m pretty sure the whole him kissing my hand was the giveaway. Kellen and Cade didn’t look pleased, don’t blame them, they’ll just have to get over it though. And Talia just looked smug….yeah I’m sure she either heard or smelled….damn Saga’s. Either way, I like feeling the way I do with Ro and around him. I feel normal, I feel human, I feel like more than a solider. And I like it. So fuck anyone that doesn’t agree.

We planned and divided up for the mission. I let Kellen call the teams since he was more objective than me…Talia and Ro …. and Kellen and I. We didn’t get Michael back, but he didn’t hurt Talia when he could have, just knocked her out. Although I think it’s obvious they brain jacked him I think he’s still in there and I think we can save him. After the attack on the Emperor though…I think we’re gonna have help. The Emperor, Marcus, asked about Michael and I figured up front was the way to go…wouldn’t do to lie to an Emperor. Told him Michael was my crew, but he was abducted and brain jacked by Purity. Made sure to let him know I intended to “save” Michael, with the heavy implication there that Michael was a victim in this too. Pretty sure he picked up on that. Also appears I was wrong with the info I tracked down about Ronan’s father…apparently the Emperor is his bio-dad. Guess Ro didn’t really lie to me…he did say his mother was a duchess and just let me infer that that meant his dad was a duke. Suave SOB knew how to pull those strings. Feel like that’s kind of something you tell a girl before you sleep with her….or for sure at least before you basically propose. I mean what the fuck. Ok, got that out. I’m over it. I get why he mislead me and just like I told him, I don’t give a shit if he’s a gutter sweep or the Emperor himself, I care about him because he’s him. ….. course we learned that Marcus is dieing….. so….shit….doesn’t that mean Ro is in line? I seriously need to read the IG culture shit.

Also, it appears based on this attack by Purity a partnership with IG is really possible, especially if you consider Ro and I’s relationship…can’t help but wonder just how much of that Athena planned. Did she plan for Ro and I too? Have to tell myself, so I don’t feel like it’s fake, that Ro and I would have happened anyway…even if she set the path up…she’s technically still my sister, maybe she was just making sure the right guy was in my path…in which case, I can’t really be mad at that….

Sidenote….goddamn Turless, that motherfucker…can’t believe I called a G D Minister a cyborg. F. U. C. K. He doesn’t seem like he’s holding it against me either…which pisses me off more. The Asshat.



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