To the Ends of the Galaxy

Pandora's Log 8.0

Personal Debrief

No mission debrief on this one as it was all personal.

After talking with Ronan about the whole Emperor thing, and thing about his mom, it was obvious he was worried about her safety once the Emperor announced Ronan as his successor. I suggested we just go get his Mom and take her to Fortress 2. He agreed. I commed Kyle and asked that he take care of housing/protecting Ronan’s mom as a personal favor, not as a CyTech thing, and he agreed…didn’t even hesitate. Have to say, bio-mom might be a royal fuck up, but bio-dad is killing it.

We went to Corsin to get the Dutchess and ran into several pretty well made attack droids, the Dutchess’ bodyguard, or what we assumed was the bodyguard, helped us take down the droids and escorted us back to the Dutchess’ home. The “bodyguard” was actually the Dutchess herself, and while I couldn’t not laugh at how awesome that was, poor Ronan seemed pretty mortified. I mean shit, honestly, it’s a great thing she’s so capable. Also…Kyle is totally gonna love her. We talked with the Dutchess briefly and after all the helmets were pulled off, she made a comment about me being pretty and capable and that Ronan should keep me…needless to say he went ahead and told her we’re engaged. She seemed pleased, but then again, I’m sure she’s a master at masking her emotions. Hopefully though she’ll approve. I know she’s extremely important to Ronan so I really want this to work out with her. I asked her to help with the political/cultural stuff since I didn’t know all there was to know about IG and also to help with the wedding. She seemed pleased enough to do so.

We brought Gillian on board the Nightingale and fought off three fighters that attacked. Talia was able to spot a black box in the debris and DT and I grabbed it so Cade could work on decoding it. Here’s hoping it incriminates the Empresses….we need her off Ronan’s back as soon as possible. I don’t want to have to hurt the woman, I realize she’s gotten the short end of the stick on some of this, but that said…if she goes after Ronan or Gillian again…well, she’s going to be buried with the Emperor.

Came to terms with the whole IG Empress thing…weirds me out, don’t get me wrong…but I love Ronan. And being with him means being a part of IG. I know he wouldn’t want me to be just a side thing, and that tells me how much he loves me. So…we’re gonna do this whole leadership, make things better, weird royal thing, unite all the people. And we’re gonna be damn amazing at it. A Saga is never half in….so here it goes….

We made it to Fortress 2 and Ronan, me, Gillian and Kyle all had dinner together. It went well, if not a small bit awkward…in a good way though. It was nice to sit down with everyone, it felt….well normal, and like I had people who cared about me, not just scientists that care about me as an experiment. I guess, come to think of it, I probably have been putting bio-mom in the whole scientist category…I guess part of why I feel disconnected with her. And no wonder I didn’t have any care givers long enough to get attached to them….I bet that was by bio-mom’s design. I bet Athena got attached to bio-mom and Dr. Torres thinks that’s why Athena lost it….whelp, that makes sense.

Fund Distribution

Although this wasn’t an official mission, I still wanted to pay the crew. I pulled the funds from the 50,000 the IG gave us for helping the Emperor…seemed appropriate.

Kellen 10,000
Cade 10,000
Talia 10,000



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