To the Ends of the Galaxy

Pandora's Log 9.0

Mission Debrief

Kellen agreed to bring DragonFire on board after my request to do so. We traveled to Kellen’s home planet where he challenged his older brother Talion to a fight for control of the clan. Assassins attacked between the fight declaration and the actual challenge. We investigated the matter and learned Talion was indebted to some shady characters. Kellen was successful with his challenge to Talion and reclaimed the family lead. After Ronan, future Emperor of IG, was attacked Kellen agreed to negotiate peace as long as he was appointed Shogun. DragonFire clans agreed. Ronan agreed to have IG financially back Kellen’s house as has CyTech.

Fund Distribution

40,000 Kellen
20,000 Ronan
10,000 Juno
5,000 Cade
5,000 Talia

Personal Debrief

I’m kind of surprised that Kellen agreed to bring DragonFire on board…I’m not 100% sure why that guy is so goddamn loyal to me, but jesus I’m glad he’s on my team. I discussed with Turless…the whole Kellen taking on DragonFire thing, he agreed we could try, but stated he’d disavow knowledge and permission given if the mission goes wrong. Seriously? I guess that’s standard Special Ops protocol, but I’m not really used to having the people I work with tell me straight out they aren’t gonna have my back. Another reason I’m damn glad to have people on my crew I can trust and rely on. Fucking cyborg.

We met Kellen’s older brother, Talion and his sister Kiera…they both thought he was dead and it would have been a nice reunion, I think, but Kellen almost instantly challenged his brother for control of the clan. Which, at first, seemed like kind of a dick move but in line. Then we found out it was a fight to the death. I couldn’t let Kellen kill his own brother just to take over the clan, I truly believe he would have regretted that the rest of his life…god knows I would have. We spent the night at Kellen’s guest house and were attacked by assassins, cyborg assassins, in the middle of the night. EXPLODING CYBORG ASSASSINS. Last time I sleep in any place but my own goddamn ship in my underwear. Seems Kellen was expecting the fight since he was in full armor. Thankfully I’m still pretty capable even out of the armor and we were all able to fend off the assassins without much damage. We tracked the man behind the attack to a Mr. Kang, a gang member for Aka Gyangu. After a few threats … ok, not threats I seriously wanted to fuck this guy up, but held back when he gave us the info we were looking for.

After the attack Kellen marched home and demanded that the challenge with his brother be immediately resolved. I mean, I totally understood that Kellen was pissed, but Talion wasn’t quite 100% to blame for the attack. I seriously considered knocking Kellen the fuck out and just leaving, but it’s his family and the choice is his…and even if it was going to fuck me up long term that I was the direct motivator behind his brother’s death I wasn’t going to let Kellen face the challenge alone….so Ronan and I stayed and watched. Thankfully Kellen took my advice and spared Talion’s life. He told me the only reason he spared him was because I had told him to do so. I suppose that’s fair…I take the advice Kellen gives me pretty seriously and almost always do what he’s suggested, I appreciate that it goes both ways. After the challenge Kellen spoke with the heads of all the DragonFire family’s ….and that sneaky sonofabitch convinced them that to avoid a war with IG, since assassins attacked the crown prince? uhhh future-emperor…not sure what the title is right now….. that if they made Kellen Shogun he’d avert a war. His crazy plan worked…and I must say, even though Ronan was pissed…well played Kellen, well played.



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