Dominic Mikeals

Minister of Operations

  • Pretty much a freebie on this guy
  • Someone that looks like they’re world-weary, seen some shit

Character Name       CL XX
Size Race
Class # / Class #

Destiny X; Force XX; Dark Side X
Init: +XX; Senses: Perception +XX
Languages: Basic, Additional
Defenses Ref XX (flat-footed XX), For XX, Wil XX
hp: XX; Threshold: XX
Speed: X sqrs

Melee: +XX (By Weapon) +XX
Ranged: +XX (By Weapon) +XX

Base Atk: +XX; Grp +XX

Force Powers (XX Known, XX/Encounter):
Lightsaber Forms:

Force Techniques:

Force Secrets:

Starship Maneuvers (XX Known, XX/Encounter):
Abilities Str XX, Dex XX, Con XX, Int XX, Wis XX, Cha XX


Feats: Armor Proficiency (XXXXX), Weapon Proficiency (XXXXX)

Skills: Acrobatics +XX, Climb +XX, Deception +XX, Endurance +XX, Gather Information +XX, Initiative +XX, Jump +XX, Knowledge (XXXXX) +XX, Mechanics +XX, Perception +XX, Persuasion +XX, Pilot +XX, Ride +XX, Stealth +XX, Survival +XX, Swim +XX, Treat Injury +XX, Use Computer +XX, Use the Force +XX

Combat Equipment

Stored Gear

Credits: XXXXc


Dominic Mikeals

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