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Codename Pandora


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Soldier x7, Gyrokineticist x5, Gyro Master x2

Force Points: 7 + 1/2 class level = 14
Destiny Points: 1
Base Attack Bonus: +14
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)


Strength 18 +4
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 18 +4
Intelligence 18 +4
Wisdom 18 +4
Charisma 20 +5


Fortitude TOTAL + 10 6 4 (con) +2 Lucky
Reflex TOTAL + 10 6 5 (dex) +2 Lucky
Will TOTAL + 10 6 4 (wis) +2 Lucky

Damage Threshold = Fort Defense + any relevant feats



1st level = 30 + Con mod, then 1d10 + Con per level


Skill 1/2 Level Ability Mod Trained Skill Focus Misc TOTAL BONUS
Acrobatics 7 5 (dex) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 17
Climb 7 4 (str) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Deception 7 5 (cha) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 17
Endurance 7 4 (con) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Gather Info 7 5 (cha) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 17
Initiative 7 5 (dex) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 17
Jump 7 4 (str) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Knowledge (Bureaucracy) 7 4 (int) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 7 4 (int) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 7 4 (int) +5 +2 TOTAL BONUS + 18
Knowledge (Social Sciences) 7 4 (int) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Knowledge (Tactics) 7 4 (int) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Knowledge (Technology) 7 4 (int) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Mechanics 7 5 (dex) +5 +2 TOTAL BONUS + 19
Perception 7 4 (wis) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Persuasion 7 5 (cha) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 17
Pilot 7 5 (dex) +5 +2 TOTAL BONUS + 19
Ride 7 5 (dex) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 17
Stealth 7 5 (dex) +5 +10 armor TOTAL BONUS + 27
Survival 7 4 (wis) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Swim 7 4 (str) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Treat Injury 7 4 (wis) +5 TOTAL BONUS + 16
Use Computer 7 4 (int) +5 +2 +2 racial TOTAL BONUS + 20


Basic, Binary, +3

Racial – S.A.G.A. (Strategic Assault Genetic Android)

  • Fast Healing: regain 1 HP per round
  • Darkvision 120 ft, Scent-
  • Fast, +10 ft base speed
  • photosynthetic
  • sleep immunity


  • Armor Proficiency
    • light, medium, heavy
  • Weapon Proficiency
    • pistols, rifles, simple, heavy weapons, advanced melee weapons, goliath weapons
  • Tech Specialist
  • Signiture Device 1 item, take 10 on Mechanics to modify, 2 traits from Tech Spec (1 at a time)
  • Superior Tech Specialist make superior tech mod to one type of equipment
  • Quick Draw: pull weapon as swift action
  • Skill Training x4: + Int mod in trained feats
  • Skill Focus x4
  • Dodge
  • Silver Tongue intimidating or changing a creature’s attitude can be done as a standard action (not FRA)
  • Proficiency x1: + Wis mod in proficiencies gained
  • Point Blank Shot: +1 to hit and damage within 30 ft
  • Precise Shot: no penalty for shooting into melee
  • Vehicular Combat: reaction, once per round, pilot check versus weapons hit, DC pilot check = to attack roll to negate
  • A Few Maneuvers: Col or smaller ship you pilot gains + 2 dodge to Ref Def, missile/tor that misses by 5 + self-destructs
  • Nanites
    • Acute Senses: Your nanites provided an advanced visual overlay which projects data into your field of vision. As a swift action, you can make a DC 15 Use Computer check to negate concealment in a 6 square radius when making checks to detect or observe targets. The DC increases by 5 if the target has full cover. For every 5 by which you overcome the base DC, the range of this ability increases by 6 squares.
    • Integrated Equipment: You never suffer penalties for integrating cybernetic or biotechnological implants.
    • Low Power Mode: You can enter a meditative trance as a full round action. While in this trance, you remain aware of your surroundings and can exit the trance as a swift action with a successful DC 10 Use Computer check. You need only rest for 4 hours (instead of 8) and regenerate your Character Level in Hit Points each hour. While in Low Power mode, you can go 10 times as long without food or water.
    • Lung Capacity: As a free action you can make a DC 15 Use Computer check to focus your nanites on efficient oxygen absorption. This allows you to hold your breath for twice your Constitutions core in rounds.
  • Combat Gadget Training x3: Your character has acquired and trained with your own personal omnigadget, especially tuned and calibrated for your character. Your character learns (Intelligence Modifier, minimum 1) Gadget Maneuvers and can use them up to (Intelligence + 1) times per encounter. See the Gadget Maneuvers page for a list of available maneuvers. This feat can be taken multiple times and stacks.
    • Gadget Maneuvers Known: Combustion, Convection, Cryokinesis, Detonate, Energy Absorption Field, Knock Out Gas, Nanite Gel, Personal Cloaking Device, Personal Levitation Device, Structural Analysis, Technometry, Vitality Gel
    • Usable times per encounter: 15
  • Gravitational Stabilization: Your character is exceptionally skilled at ignoring or counteracting the effects of gravity fields. You gain a +5 maneuver bonus to all Defenses against Gravity Maneuvers.
  • Gravity Combat Training x3:
    • Your character learns (Intelligence Modifier, minimum 1) gravity combat maneuvers and can use them up to (Wisdom + 1) times per encounter. See the Gravity Maneuvers page for a list of available maneuvers. This feat can be taken multiple times and stacks.
      • Maneuvers Known: Distortion Field, Field Negation, Gamma Scramble, Gravity Field, Gravity Hammer, Gravity Wave, Inertia, Lockdown, Pushing Attack, Repulse, Slow, Surge
      • Usable times per encounter: 15
  • Personal Combat Training x1
    • Your character learns (Wisdom Modifier, minimum 1) combat maneuvers and can use them up to (Wisdom + 1) times per encounter.
      • Maneuvers Known: Deadly Strike, Deflecting Counter, Stepping Riposte, Twin Strike
      • Usable times per encounter: 5


  • Armored Defense – When calculating your Reflex defense, you may add either your heroic level or your armor bonus, whichever is higher. You must be proficient with the armor you are wearing to gain this benefit.
  • Improved Armored Defense – Add your heroic level + 1/2 your armor bonus (rounded down) OR your armor bonus, whichever is higher. You must be proficient with the armor you are wearing to gain this benefit.
  • Armor Mastery – The maximum Dexterity bonus of your armor is improved by + 1, you must be proficient with the armor you are wearing to gain this benefit.
  • Juggernaut – Your armor does not reduce your speed or the distance you can move while running. You must be proficient with the armor you are wearing to gain this benefit.
  • Gimmick: as swift action, issue routine command to a computer
  • Electronic Sabotage: standard action, computer is unfriendly to all but you, your Use Comp replaces its Will Def (cannot take 20)
  • Master Slicer: reroll Use Computer check to improve access, keep better of the two results
  • Never Back Down: Once per encounter, you can make a DC 20 Mechanics check as a swift action on your Goliath while operating. The Goliath receives the benefits of a modified successful Jury Rig: It moves +2 Steps on the Condition Track and recovers ([Your Character Level + Goliath’s Memory Core Character Level] x 2) Hit Points. The Goliath moves -3 Steps down the Condition Track at the end of the encounter.
  • Recalculated Effort: Once per encounter, re-roll any Skill check with a +2 circumstantial bonus while operating a Goliath or consulting with a Goliath Memory Core.
  • Static Broadcast: You’ve upgraded your Goliath to emit scrambling communications to other Goliaths that interfered with their ability to combat you. You can activate this Talent as a Standard Action. Any Goliath within Close Range takes a -2 penalty on opposed Skill checks and attack rolls against you for the encounter. You can spend a Force Point to increase this ability to medium range.
  • Synchronity: Your character has a strong level of connection with your Goliath’s Memory Core. As a swift action, you can spend a Force Point to gain a +1 Morale bonus on attack rolls and a +2 Morale bonus on one skill check of your choice.
  • Grav Duelist: When you are targeted by a successful melee or ranged attack, you can make a Use Computer check as a Reaction. If your check equals or exceeds the attack roll, your character is able to react by producing a field that absorbs the attack entirely. Each successive use of this ability levies a cumulative -5 penalty to further uses until the beginning of your next turn.
  • Disciplined Strike: Your refined control over Gravity fields lets you skillfully weave fields, even around allies that would otherwise be in the way. You can exclude up to your Intelligence Modifier squares from a Gravity Maneuver that targets an area of effect. Further, you can choose to not kill targets even if you deal damage that puts them below 0 hit points and is higher than their damage threshold.
  • Grav Slinger: Use Computer check against opponent’s Reflex Defense, if overcome target’s defense, send them flying in any direction 1 square (meter) for every point you overcome their Defense (to a maximum of your Character Level in squares). If you choose to slam them into another object, your check must also overcome the object’s Reflex Defense. If the target impacts a solid object, both the target and the object suffer 1d6 damage for every 3 squares (meters) of movement remaining at impact.
  • Field Harmonization: can ready Standard Action to trigger either of the following: make Use Computer check to Aid Another with a Gravity Maneuver as a Reaction OR activate Field Negation on an ally within 6 squares and line of sight as a Reaction. Whichever ability you choose to use, each use levies a -5 penalty to your own Use Computer checks to execute Gravity Maneuvers until the end of your next turn.
  • Star Crusher: You’re able to manipulate targets via field generation, holding them in place. Select a target no bigger than one size category larger than you within 12 squares and your line of sight. Your character can execute a grapple roll, substituting your Use Computer in place of your attack roll, against your target’s Reflex Defense. If successful, you can execute the Pin or Trip Maneuver (whichever you prefer). If you wish, you can choose to crush your target while executing one of these maneuvers. Doing so inflicts 1d6 base damage plus an additional 1d6 for every 5 by which you overcome the target’s Reflex Defense, and you add your Intelligence modifier to this damage.
  • Auto Recovery: spend Force Point, swift action, overcome all debilitating conditions affecting you and return to normal state.
  • Nano Shielding: spend Force Point, Swift action, become immune to poison, radiation and disease for an encounter. Further, you can use the higher of your Intelligence or Constitution modifier to calculate your Fortitude Defense.
  • Neural Pathway Reinforcement: spend Force Point, standard action, become immune to mind-affecting effects for 1 minute
  • Exoskeleton: spend Force Point, standard action, grant yourself Damage Reduction 10 for 1 minute


Improved Distortion Field
Once you activate Distortion Field, the field remains in effect without having to spend an action to maintain it until either the end of the encounter or until the field is reduced to 0 SR. Your character can also spend a Full Round Action to make a Use Computer check. Compare the result with the Maneuver and reset your SR to that value. As long as you have Distortion Field active, this does not require an additional Gravity Maneuver expenditure.

Improved Vitality Gel – BioAgent

  • Instead of recovering hit points, you can augment your Vitality Gel to help the target overcome different ailments. Choose one of the following effects, and a single target can only benefit from one of each effect in a single encounter:
    • Antigen: Compare the activation roll of this Maneuver with the disease or poison’s check against the target’s Fortitude Defense. If you meet or exceed the toxin, the harmful effect is removed from the target. While this does cure the target, it does not help recover existing damage.
    • Recovery: Succeeding on a DC 15 activation roll allows you to restore the target one step up the Condition Track, including removing persistent conditions. For every 5 by which you exceed this check, the target moves an additional step up the Condition Track.
    • Fortification: Instead of healing the hit points indicated by this Maneuver, you instead grant the target the same amount of bonus hit points. These bonus hit points last for the encounter.

Improved Surge
You can maintain Improved Surge every round as a swift action without needing to activate it on consecutive turns. If you’re damaged while maintaining this power, you must make a Use Computer check (DC 15 + damage taken) or the Maneuver ends.

Improved Detonate – Fallout

  • You’ve discovered how to mix deadly explosive agents with the chemicals you use to detonate devices. Select one of the following effects to apply to Detonate (selected when you activate the Maneuver):
    • Concentrated Explosion: Reduce the explosion area to 1 square. For every square lost, add 1d6 dice of damage to the explosion. For example, if Detonate would cause a 3 square explosion and deal 6d6 points of damage using this Technique would change the explosive statistics to a 1 square explosion that deals 8d6 points of damage.
    • Blast Radius: Deal half the damage to double the radius of the explosion.
    • Bleed: Calculate the minimum damage of Detonate. Your target bleeds this many hit points at the start of each turn beginning in the following round. A Treat Injury – First Aid check stops the bleeding.
    • Radiation: If your activation roll exceeds the target’s Fortitude Defense, the target moves -1 Step persistent down the Condition Track.
    • Ionized: If your activation check meets or exceeds the Fortitude Defenses of any devices caught in the blast, these devices cease to function. Note that while this doesn’t completely disable armor worn by a character, it does disable attached gear and other powered features of the armor.

Improved Technometry – Instant Hack
Instead of the listed benefit, compare your activation roll with the compute or droid’s Will Defense. If your check equals or exceeds the target’s Fortitude Defense, it instantly becomes Friendly toward you. You can only attempt this once per encounter on a given target.

Quicken Maneuver
By spending a Force Point, you can activate a single Maneuver with an activation time of a move or standard action as a swift action.

Multitarget Maneuver
By accepting a -5 penalty to your activation roll, you can name an additional target with a single Maneuver that is also within range of the Maneuver. Each target defends against the Maneuver separately. You can accept a cumulative -5 penalty for each additional target you want to affect after the second. For example, if you have a Maneuver that targets one enemy you threaten, you can accept a -15 penalty to the activation roll to target 4 enemies you threaten.


Juno Saga

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