Kellen Valhalla

Daimyo of the Valhalla Clan


Arms Locker

Personal Handheld Shield: Medium Handheld Shield (15,050c)
+3 Ref Def; -2 ACP; +4 Max Dex; Speed 5 sprs, Weight 1kg
Modifications: Antigravity Field, Electromagnetic Field, Protective Armor (Tech Specialist), Massassi Manufacturing, Holoshroud, Armorplast

Medium Armor: Medium Imperial Knight Armor (30,450c)
+8 Ref Def, +2 For Def, +4 Max Dex, Speed 5 sqrs, Weight 5kg
Modifications: Armorplast, Agile Armor, Integrated Equipment (5 slots), Vacuum Seals, Integrated Shield Generator (Medium 25 – Improved Shields), Helmet Package, Ready Harness, Shadowskin

Primary Melee Weapon: Powered Zanbato (6,550c)
2d10 dam, No Stun, 2kg, Piercing + Slashing
Modifications: Improved Accuracy, Durasteel Bonding, Ion Charger, Massassi Manufacturing

Primary Ranged Weapon: Blastech DLT-20A (6,400c)
3d10 dam, Stun, Single Shot / Autofire, 6.7kg weight, Energy
Modifications: Pulse Charger, Improved Accuracy, Retractable Stock, Low-Light Targeting Scope, Verpine Manufacturing

Backup Weaponry:
Merr-Sonn Model 434 (650c), Force Pike (500c)

Kellen Valhalla

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