Built by an Alliance research team mostly due to the technology introduced by Lycander, the Accelerator fires solid matter into hyperspace pockets to traverse the galaxy. While the original targeting system was compromised, the new targeting system is close enough to place objects in the same general vicinity as most celestial bodies.

The Accelerator itself is a massive object, roughly the size of colossal ship with an equal weight. It can be operated by a single person, but a 5 man team is required to effect repairs.


The current prototype can fire a single solid object of up to 10 tons anywhere in the galaxy through hyperspace requiring 1d6 days (or 1d6 hours for the same quadrant). This requires an astrogation check by the operator using the same difficulties as ships. Failure typically results in a hyperspace mishap if the calculations are off by a wide enough margin.

The system still requires a starship to intercept the cargo as it isn’t precise enough to target a celestial body such as a planet, although cargo fired by the Accelerator is purposefully decelerated upon reaching its destination to make such a feat possible.



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