DT-2387 Custom Medium Frame


DT Medium Custom CL ??
Goliath Huge Standard Frame
Defenses Ref XX (flat-footed XX), For XX
hp 168; SR 45; Threshold XX
Immune droid immunities
Speed: 7 sqrs; Starship: 4 sqrs
Melee unarmed +XX (1d8+X)
Melee vibroblade +XX (3d8+Xx2)
Melee dire vibroblade (4d8+Xx2)
Ranged heavy blaster rifle +XX (6d10+Xx2)
Ranged blaster pistol +XX (3d10+Xx2)
Ranged micro torpedo launcher +XX (7d10+xx2)
Str 28, Dex 22, Con --, Int --, Wis --, Cha --
Special Qualities droid traits

Shield Generator – SR 45
Sublight Drive – Starship Scale Speed 4 squares
Personalized Controls: +1 for Juno to Pilot, -2 for all others
Sensor Baffling: make stealth checks against other enemies sensor systems
Maneuvering Jets (+6) – +6 to Goliath’s Dexterity
Backup Battery – allows for an additional hour of operation
Cockpit Ejection System – DC 20 Pilot check to eject if Frame is about to explode
Reinforced Bulkheads (x2) – Adds (Str x 2) HP
Com Jammers – DC 30 Use Computer to send/receive messages

Goliath Heavy Blaster Rifle (17,500c) – 6d10x2/7d10x2 (inaccurate, 30 shots/pp)
- Upgrades: Improved Accuracy (+1), Low Light Targeting Scope, Micro Torpedo Launcher (4), Pulse Charger
Goliath Blaster Pistol (2,500c) – 3d10x2 (accurate, 100 shots/pp)
Goliath Dire Viboblade (1,125c) – 4d8x2
Goliath Viboblade (600c) – 3d8x2

Tech Specialist
Improved Shields – +5 SR

Emp Pts 7+2
Availability Rare; Cost 293,800c


DT-2387 Custom Medium Frame

To the Ends of the Galaxy GMJJ