Goliath Load-Outs


What’s This?

While the Memory Core determines the skill set of the Goliath and the Frame determines the physical prowess of the Goliath, most are designed to have different load-outs which give them different combat capabilities.

About Load-Outs

Switching between load outs typically requires about an hour worth of work, wherein the Goliath is reprogrammed and re-armed with the appropriate equipment. This can be done in most workshops or dockyard bays. Custom modifications take significantly longer, since each packaged load-out is designed specifically with quick, easy customization in mind.

Example Load Outs

Below are some example load-outs / weapon configurations for Goliaths.

Heavy Blade

Cost: 1,375c
Two Hands: Heavy Vibrolance – 5d8x2

Designed to take advantage of War Frames with superior strength and pilots well trained in melee combat, this load puts a massive Goliath-scale lance capable of cleaving even ships in half. Favored by pilots in light of recent shield advancements on Goliaths, they rely on their Goliath’s mobility until they can close the distance and deal a decisive blow to their foes.

Heavy Cannon

Cost: 8,250c
Two Hands: Heavy Assault Blaster Rifle – 5d10x2

Designed for long range encounters and pin-point precision on heavily armored targets, this load-out favors pilots that have had extensive sniper training and are capable of taking out foes with a massive two-handed cannon. This load-out doesn’t quite perform as well as other load-outs in melee range, but it’s second to none for long range precision.

Twin Cannons

Cost: 5,000c
Left Hand: Blaster Rifle – 4d10x2 (Autofire Capable)
Right Hand: Blaster Rifle – 4d10x2 (Autofire Capable)

A very common load-out designed for Pilots that have trained to dual wield ranged weapons, the firepower of this load-out is almost unmatched. Capable of spraying down an entire field of combat with blaster fire, this load-out excels in mass combat against ground-based troops.

Sword and Board

Cost: 3,625c
Left Hand: Heavy Shield – +2 Reflex Defense
Right Hand: Dire Vibroblade – 4d8x2

Built for centurion style engagement, this load-out excels in personal combat for pilots that have been trained to use a personal shield. Capable of long-term engagement, this load-out is preferred by Pilots with exceptional melee combat skills and mobile Goliaths.


Goliath Load-Outs

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