Hornet Mk I


Hornet CL 6
Goliath Huge Frame
Defenses Ref 10+ (flat-footed 8+), For 10+
hp 70; Threshold 20+
Immune droid immunities
Speed: 8 sqrs (walking)
Melee unarmed +7 (2d8+7)
Ranged Medium Double Blaster Cannon +2 (5d10x2)
Abiliites Str 28, Dex 14, Con --, Int --, Wis --, Cha --
Special Qualities droid traits

Systems walking locomotion, claws

Emp Pts 4

Equipment: Medium Double Blaster Cannon (5,000c)
Availability Rare; Cost 6,500c


Hornet Mk I

To the Ends of the Galaxy GMJJ