Droid Character Sheet

Panther      CL 8
Small S19 Astromech Droid (2nd Degree)
Scoundrel 7 / Saboteur 2
TOTAL COST: 49,725 credits

Destiny 0; Force 10; Dark Side -
Init: +15; Senses: Perception +13
Languages: Basic, Binary, Cathar, High Galactic, 4 unused
Defenses Ref 27 (flat-footed 22), For 19, Wil 24 (+5 vs Deception/Persuasion)
hp: 57; Threshold: 19
Speed: 4 sqrs (walking)

Melee: unarmed +6 (1d3+4)
Ranged: by weapon +11

Base Atk: +6; Grp +6
Abilities Str 11, Dex 22, Con --, Int 22, Wis 14, Cha 18

Talents Gimmick: (swift) issue routine command

Electronic Sabotage: Comp unfriendly to all but you, replace Will Def with your Use Computer

Master Slicer: reroll Use Computer checks to improve access, keep the better of the two results

Security Slicer: disable security system w/out security kit, something only goes wrong if check is failed by 10 or more

Scomp Link Slicer: Grants Eradicate, Lockout, Untraceable
• Eradicate: Disable or Erase program on comp that is friendly/helpful, takes 5 min and DC 15 Use Comp
• Lockout: success on Use Comp to counteract another programmer automatically locks them out and must beat you on Use Comp to regain access
• Untraceable: reaction, automatically keep hostile computer from tracing your location if you fail a Use Computer check by 10 or less

Feats (5+3B) Cut the Red Tape, Informer, Gearhead, Quick Skill, Skill Focus (Perception, Mechanics, Use Computer), Unwavering Resolve, Weapon Proficiency (Pistol, Simple)

Skills (9) Acrobatics +15, Deception +12, Initiative +15, Knowledge (Bureaucracy, Technology) +15, Mechanics +17, Perception + 13, Stealth +20, Use Computer +17

Systems heuristic processor, walking locomotion, 1 claw appendage, 6 tool appendages, astrogation buffer (5 memory units), diagnostics package, internal comlink, scomp link, backup processor, secondary battery, antitheft comlink locator, improved coordinated circuitry, voice-print command lock

Possessions holorecorder, tool kit
Availability Unique; Market Value 49,765c
Focused Repairs - The S19 astromech droid can reduce the time needed for repairs by making a Mechanics check. For every point by which the check result exceeds the DC, the time needed to make repairs is reduced by 2 minutes. The amount of time needed to complete repairs cannot be reduced to less than 10 minutes.

Unexpected Results If enemy rolls nat 1 on atk roll with adv melee / lightsaber / pistol / rifle / heavy weapon, weapon is immediately disabled until repaired

Destructive deal double damage to unattended objects / vehicles
Current Modification None

Droid Quirk Amenable
The droid defers to others and attempts to keep all parties happy at all times, sometimes even during combat.

Manufacturer Trait Industrial
Automaton astromechs can be found in most starports, and technicians are used to working with IA units. When assisting on a Mechanics check, an Industrial Automaton droid trained in Mechanics can add its Intelligence bonus (minimum + 1) to the normal +2 bonus.

Droid Build Notes

Base Droid: S19 Astromech Droid
Droid Chassis: Custom

ModificationMarket ValueNotes
Base8,625cBase cost for the Droid
Ability Upgrades11,000cDex 10>22, Int 16>22, Wis 14>18
+9 Levels9,000cAdd 9 Character Levels
+5 Talents10,000cAdd 5 Talents
+7 Feats7,000cAdd 7 Feats
+4 Trained Skills2,000cAdd 4 Trained Skills
Scomp Link100c+2 Use Comp to Friendly Access Info
Backup Processor100ca copy of the droid’s personality
Secondary Battery400creserve power source
Antitheft Comlink Locator100csend coms while making no sound
Imp Coordination Circuitry1,000c+4 to add other droids with same circuitry
Voice-Print Command Lock400cdroid only responds to authorized voices

Droid Strategy

Accessing Restricted Systems

  • Droid can issue routine commands (swift)
  • Re-roll Use Computer checks to gain access and keep the better result
  • Eradicate or Erase programs on friendly systems (5 minutes)
  • Successfully beating an opposed Use Computer check automatically locks someone attempting access out
  • Automatically keep hostile system from tracing you if you fail check by 10 or more (reaction)
  • 1/encounter reduce the time of this check by one step
  • Substitute Knowledge (Bureaucracy) for Gather Information
  • Substitute Perception in place of Gather Information, can reduce the time by up to a half

Repairing Devices

  • Reduce repair time by 2 minutes / point over the DC (minimum 10 minutes)
  • 1/encounter reduce the time of this check by one step


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