Ronan's Ring



Juno personally hand crafted this ring. Using her superior crafting and tech/engineering spec abilities she incorporated both beauty and function into a ring fit for an Emperor. Juno wanted to make sure that even if Ronan were wearing nothing but the ring, he’d still be afforded some level of protection.

Juno tracked down the most rare and exquisite materials: black tungsten metal she hand folded and forged from various metals she purchased that were mined on IG’s home planet, gold that was melted down from old Goliath motherboards that she stripped, diamonds mined from an asteroid circling Corsin (the planet Ronan’s mother called home) and a rare blue gem she found on the black market that was rumored to have been part of the crown Ronan’s ancestor, the first Emperor, wore.


Light Energy Shield (SR 20)
Long Range Comm (small, encrypted, cloaked)
Storage under gem containing anti-rad dose and antitoxin patch
Item Durability: + 4 DR and 150% HP


Final Market Value: 65,125c


  • Nice Materials (50,000c)
  • Dual gear (1,000c)
  • Storage Capacity (100c) can hold multiple items of smaller size as long as total weight is less than item weight
    • contains Anti-rad Dose (50c) and Antitoxin Patch (25c)
  • Superior Tech Specialist
    • Light Energy Shield – SR 20 (4,000c)
  • Long Range Comm [Small, Encrypted, Holo] (3,750c), Cloaked (750+50c)
  • Engineering Designer (3 mods)
    • Silverplate: + 2 to existing DR of equipment (armor doesn’t grant DR to wearer) (+ 250c + 2500c)
    • Superior Durability: Device gains an additional + 2 DR and 150% HP (+ 2000c)
    • Miniaturized: 1/2 weight and 1 size smaller (+ 250c + 500c)
      • this is to allow the shield capacity to be placed in the ring and the ring not weigh a ton

Ronan's Ring

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