To the Ends of the Galaxy

Pandora's Log 3.0
Game #3

Breakdown of funds from CyTech
Kellen – 45,000
Cade – 25,000
Ronan – 25,000
Turless – 25,000
Cade extra since he’s spent some on DT – 30,000
Ship – 100,000

Pandora's Log 2.0
Game #2

Mission Debrief and Observations
We infiltrated an Alliance science station that Havok had taken control of. Little issue with getting past their defenses unnoticed. The blockade didn’t detect us, but the station personal did. Lockdown procedures went underway. Thankfully my crew displayed why we’re the best CyTech has to offer, and why CyTech is going to notice, by thinking quickly and performing will skill and grace. We were able to board the station and began sweeping the facility. Freeing the scientist prisoners was priority #1 to avoid hostages being killed, once that was complete we attempted to take the control room. While my ground team was doing that, Cade pulled the plans from the station, and planted a virus so they lost their data…nice thinking, he’s making me look good with the Ministers that’s for sure. Havok leader, clearly a cyborg, got away by threatening to destroy a planet. Disabled device, but either misstepped or Havok deployed the weapon anyway. Cade had a “mental” idea and Turless shot me and DT out of one of the ship’s cannons to intercept the projectile headed for the planet. The idea may have been mental, but it literally saved billions of lives….IG had no idea what they had, very glad Cade is on my side now. I intend to give him a hefty chunk of the bonus cash we received from CyTech for the mission.

Once the projectile was taken care of, Turless picked me and DT up and took us back to the station. The ground team had it secure and we discussed with the Alliance officers there the “transfer” of the prisoner they had. We kept up the ruse and took the captive with us.

Pandora's Log 1.0
Game #1

Mission Debrief and Observations
Mission parameters were to have Sandy drop in DT, clear a path, and then the three of us (Frank, Sam and myself) follow as ground troops. It was a snatch and grab mission. We encountered an unknown biological/chemical storm on the surface. All signs indicated to chemical warfare and Frank and Sam were KIA. I was barely able to survive and waited out the event. Once the situation was all clear I proceeded to the original mission coordinates. With no supplies or gear, as it was destroyed in the event, proceeding forward was the only course of action. Upon the trek I encountered three individuals from IG and/or DragonFire and provided assistance as they had suffered injuries or mishaps as a result of the chemical storm event. Those individuals and I came to the agreement that they would help me complete my mission in exchange for a ride off the planet on which they were now stuck. On the way to the mission destination I located a distress beacon and uncovered DT’s frame remains with Sandy inside. She’d been killed by the chemical storm. I removed DT’s memory core as it was still in tact and provided a soldier’s burial for Sandy. We proceeded forward and acquired the chemical weapon technology. We also rigged the station, which served as the weapon’s power source, to blow. We encountered Havoc and my motley group defeated about 12 Havoc ground soldiers and I took down 4 junk goliaths. We returned to my LZ for extraction and relied upon one of our acquired individuals for passage through the IG blockade that was underway of the planet.

Personal Mission Observations
Goddam shit show, how the fuck did CyTech not have more Intel on this situation. I completely 100% blame them for the agents that were KIA. They should have enough experience and knowledge to have not let this happen. I can do better. I will do better. I demanded a ship and a team. I’m going to do better…. just call me Minister Saga.

Personal Crew Observations
Ronan Steele:
IG soldier, has noble connections, stated he was a “Marquee” for the IG, seems to have personal issue with how IG is handling warfare, doesn’t care for Havoc, showed no signs of distress as a result of the chemical storm and was the lone IG soldier at the facility that the weapon was housed, two possibilities, either Ronan turned on IG as he didn’t agree with the chemical warfare and actually planned on taking down the weapon…. maybe he killed the IG guards there and accidentally set off the weapon while trying to disarm it? Higher likelihood…. he’s an IG spy and somehow the CyTech plan was leaked and he planted himself in that position to infiltrate CyTech. In either case I want him on my crew. True he will gain valuable information about what I am if he is a spy, but I think I’m uniquely positioned to counter any espionage efforts he may attempt. In addition, if he is a spy, I intent to convert his beliefs and loyalty to me …and CyTech…and use the information he has against them. If my assumption is incorrect and he isn’t a spy, but simply a noble looking for a second chance outside his birthright then I’m also glad to have him on board.

Cade Grant:
Enthusiastic mechanic / techy, obviously beyond capable and hiding some of his abilities, suspect he is also in possession of personal Nantes, his capabilities suggest extreme advanced training or aptitude, based off his perky and enjoyable demeanor I am inclined to think it’s aptitude and not training as he doesn’t seem “hardened” or “jaded”. Will be valuable asset in mechanical and technological sciences and could serve in a medical fashion with my Nanites in an emergency if needed. Will keep him on crew as long as possible to take advantage of his skill and his effects on moral as well. Enjoy his light attitude and think he’ll be a boon to crew moral in the coming months. Also find we are the most similar in age and experience, find him easy to talk to. Glad he is on board as I will miss having that with Sandy.

Kellen Valhalla:
Seasoned Zen warrior guy, obviously been in plenty of combat, very honorable, perhaps too honorable which could get him or the crew into trouble, but overall think that his heart is in the right place. Think this extreme view of honor also lent to his perhaps extreme political view as well. Discussed Havoc, has extreme dislike for them and didn’t believe me that there were at least a few that weren’t awful, but he did agree to spare my old comrades from Havoc should he meet them so there’s that at least. Has extensive tactical training, but lacks emotional empathy and engagement needed to be asset to the crew. Intend to take him as my first officer for several reasons. 1. For his tactical knowledge 2. For his skill 3. Because he’s so goddam honorable that he’s trustable 4. Because he needs to learn that being a good leader means you give a shit not just about the cause, but the people too

Sandy’s goliath memory core, he’s kind of all I have left of her, feel like he was kind of a piece of her you know, maybe I’m latching on to something so it doesn’t hurt as much all I know is it’s good the Minister agreed to let DT work with me…I wasn’t even planning on asking, I was just taking him and if they said no…heh, well good luck getting him from me. And I hope they don’t he’s “mission equipment” because I’m keeping him, like on a permanent basis. Like I said, good luck taking him from me. I intend to do a little modifications for him, give him back more of himself so to speak, basically let him be more autonomous. Not sure if Sandy would approve, but to me, putting programming limitations on DT is no different than doing that with me. I mean, CyTech could likely program me to be more complacent…hell, I’m sure that would be easier on them, but that would also be them killing who I am, killing my free will… and I just can’t do that to DT. To me, he and Sandy were more siblings that pilot and goliath…. and to me, well, he’s my friend.

Turless Linke:
Shady pilot, guess he’s been with CyTech for awhile? need to do a background check on his ass … he gives me a bit of the creeps and I’m not sure why that is. Maybe I just don’t know him well enough, maybe he’s just a bit different than the other folks at CyTech that I’m used to?, either way, got to quell the weird feeling in my gut to be comfortable with this guy. He requested to stay on as pilot for my new assignment and since he did deliver our extraction despite the circumstances at the very least I owe him the chance. And on top of that, clearly Sandy thought he was worth it to have in the pilot’s chair and if nothing else…I trust her judgment.


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