To the Ends of the Galaxy

Pandora's Log 8.0

Personal Debrief

No mission debrief on this one as it was all personal.

After talking with Ronan about the whole Emperor thing, and thing about his mom, it was obvious he was worried about her safety once the Emperor announced Ronan as his successor. I suggested we just go get his Mom and take her to Fortress 2. He agreed. I commed Kyle and asked that he take care of housing/protecting Ronan’s mom as a personal favor, not as a CyTech thing, and he agreed…didn’t even hesitate. Have to say, bio-mom might be a royal fuck up, but bio-dad is killing it.

We went to Corsin to get the Dutchess and ran into several pretty well made attack droids, the Dutchess’ bodyguard, or what we assumed was the bodyguard, helped us take down the droids and escorted us back to the Dutchess’ home. The “bodyguard” was actually the Dutchess herself, and while I couldn’t not laugh at how awesome that was, poor Ronan seemed pretty mortified. I mean shit, honestly, it’s a great thing she’s so capable. Also…Kyle is totally gonna love her. We talked with the Dutchess briefly and after all the helmets were pulled off, she made a comment about me being pretty and capable and that Ronan should keep me…needless to say he went ahead and told her we’re engaged. She seemed pleased, but then again, I’m sure she’s a master at masking her emotions. Hopefully though she’ll approve. I know she’s extremely important to Ronan so I really want this to work out with her. I asked her to help with the political/cultural stuff since I didn’t know all there was to know about IG and also to help with the wedding. She seemed pleased enough to do so.

We brought Gillian on board the Nightingale and fought off three fighters that attacked. Talia was able to spot a black box in the debris and DT and I grabbed it so Cade could work on decoding it. Here’s hoping it incriminates the Empresses….we need her off Ronan’s back as soon as possible. I don’t want to have to hurt the woman, I realize she’s gotten the short end of the stick on some of this, but that said…if she goes after Ronan or Gillian again…well, she’s going to be buried with the Emperor.

Came to terms with the whole IG Empress thing…weirds me out, don’t get me wrong…but I love Ronan. And being with him means being a part of IG. I know he wouldn’t want me to be just a side thing, and that tells me how much he loves me. So…we’re gonna do this whole leadership, make things better, weird royal thing, unite all the people. And we’re gonna be damn amazing at it. A Saga is never half in….so here it goes….

We made it to Fortress 2 and Ronan, me, Gillian and Kyle all had dinner together. It went well, if not a small bit awkward…in a good way though. It was nice to sit down with everyone, it felt….well normal, and like I had people who cared about me, not just scientists that care about me as an experiment. I guess, come to think of it, I probably have been putting bio-mom in the whole scientist category…I guess part of why I feel disconnected with her. And no wonder I didn’t have any care givers long enough to get attached to them….I bet that was by bio-mom’s design. I bet Athena got attached to bio-mom and Dr. Torres thinks that’s why Athena lost it….whelp, that makes sense.

Fund Distribution

Although this wasn’t an official mission, I still wanted to pay the crew. I pulled the funds from the 50,000 the IG gave us for helping the Emperor…seemed appropriate.

Kellen 10,000
Cade 10,000
Talia 10,000

Message to Aiden #1

Hey Aiden,
I’m glad Dr. Torres was able to help Laureli, the 50,000 wasn’t needed, this was a job I’d have done for free. Laureli’s my sister. That said…I’m not giving the cash back though :)

Also, yes, I’m still pissed, but I get why you did what you did. I’ll get over it. But you only get the one freebe with me. Don’t pull that shit again yeah?


Message to Kyle #1

Hi Kyle,
I’m sorry about Nest, sorry that the Michael situation led to that. I know it was Purity that attacked and everyone would say “oh it wasn’t your fault Juno” and “taking Michael off the planet was the right thing”, but at the end of the day the decisions I made still cost people their lives. I get it was still the right decision, but that right decision had consequences. That was a hard lesson for me….and well I’m sorry I froze a bit in the field when you gave an order. I don’t want any slack cut for me since your my bio-dad, so I wanted you to know that I recognized my error and will make an effort not to let it happen again.

And in regards the the whole “bit much thing”, no I appreciate the words. I appreciate knowing. And I feel the same. I’ll continue to visit as much as I can…maybe you can give me some Goliath combat training? :) I’d also like to chat more about Athena and that situation, in person, when we’re able to.

On a different note, though you’ll likely see my field report debrief, wanted you to know that while I wasn’t aware that the IG Emperor was Ronan’s dad, Ronan wasn’t dishonest with me. He told me his history was a sore subject and that he didn’t want to reveal the details of his birth dad, I respected that and we dropped it. Hope you don’t hold that against him. He’s a pretty great guy…and well, I think it should be obvious I’m kind of serious about him.


Message to Athena #1

I’m not going to argue that you and I aren’t alike…we are, but the difference is that I see the lives of others as valuable. You’ve lost sight of that. I can see what you’re trying to do. I actually think, despite what the others say, that you’re trying to being our family together in a way. I can respect that. I can even appreciate that. BUT, what I need you to understand is that I do not agree with how you’re doing it. I really believe there’s a better way.

I think you would agree that the Saga sisters are stronger together, yes? Wouldn’t it make sense then that some of us have strengths that the others don’t? In this one thing Athena, I’ve got the strongest perspective. I really need you to see that. I’m going to continue diplomacy with you because, in my heart of hearts, I believe you actually want a relationship with me. And I know, although I don’t agree with your methods or execution, that you’re trying your best to do right by me. I’m going to make this offer once…turn yourself in. I will speak to the Ministers on your behalf and get you absolved. Regardless of your past crimes, regardless of the damage to my career or other relationships…turn yourself in and I’ll see you get a clean slate. We can, and should, be working together. I can guarantee we’d accomplish a hell of a lot more if we did. Please, Athena, turn yourself in.

Now, in regards to Ronan. I know you mean well…but seriously back the hell off. He didn’t lie to me and you do not have the whole picture here. He’s my button Athena, don’t push it. I knew he had secrets, he told me he didn’t want to discuss his bio-dad and I dropped it out of respect for him. That’s not lying, that’s telling the person important to you that you have history that’s painful and you don’t want it to affect your future or talk about it. I could have pushed him, I could have made 100% more effort to uncover the info, but at the end of the day it seriously didn’t matter. Who he got his genes from doesn’t change how I feel about him. I actually don’t care who his dad is. Now I get that it is indeed going to affect his future whether he wanted it to or not…again that’s not lying, he was just a bit naive because his history caused him pain. What kind of an ass would I be if I was pissed at him instead of supportive! I care too much about him to do anything other than try to make this easier on him. That is love Athena.

And yes, I’d like it if you were at the wedding…but I’ve got a couple stipulations.
One. Don’t call Ronan a bastard prince again.
Two. You are not going to start shit at my wedding.
Three. Unless you’re planning on turning yourself in you’re going to have to come in disguise.

If you can abide by all that, yeah I’d actually like you there. Also, if you can help Talia out with Michael, I know she cares about him a lot. And I know you and Talia butt heads, hell so do Talia and I, but at the end of the day Athena we’re sisters and what we each care about SHOULD matter to the other. I’ve been seriously understanding about the shit that’s going on with you…because it’s important to you. But you have to understand that the body count is important to me. And that is the only way you’re going to prove to me that you actually care. Lower the count Athena.


Pandora's Log 7.0

Mission Debrief

Regrouped with Fortress 2 and discussed strategy. Promoted to Administrator, crew promoted to Specialists and assigned under my command. Talia given rank of Specialist and assigned under my command. Allowed to continue to tracking and reobtaining Michael in black ops mission. Until CyTech can determine if this attack was all or simple a branch of Havok, need to proceed off the record with mission. Agreed. Was assigned to the Minister of Special Operations for my admin role. Met Minister of Special Operations, Turless Linke.

Approached by Athena, negotiated for her safe retreat from Fortress 2 as long as she hurt no one along the way. She provided intel on Michael’s location. IG noble ball in 3 days located on Corellia. Clearly a set up of some kind by Athena. Others suspect nepharious plans on her part, however, after conversation with her on Fortress 2 I believe my original assessment that this is a form of family bonding for her is accurate. She is attempting to unite her siblings.

Administrator note:
I do not agree with, nor condone, Athena’s actions. And will, in good faith, work in conjunction with CyTech to stop her.

IG gathering proved easier to infiltrate than anticipated, Athena was present at the ball. Comm signals went down. Kellen and I spotted downed guards, we proceeded to investigate. Michael, obviously under Purity control, was attempting to attack the IG Emperor. My team intercepted and Talia attempted to follow Michael after he retreated. We were unsuccessful in our attempt to retake Michael. We did successfully save the Emperor and Empress. Will attempt negotiations to coordinate with IG against Purity.

Fund Distribution

50,000 credits from obtaining Dr. Torres
1,500,000 credits from defending Nest & bonus from Michael’s blood

Kellen 120,000
Cade 120,000
Ronan 120,000
Turless 100,000
Michael/Talia – allotting 100,000 for the pair to get geared up (10,000 of that is coming from previous funds not spent)
1,000,000 going towards the ship

Personal Debrief

Bio-dad made it a point to speak with Ronan again before we set out to track Michael down. Kyle also pulled me aside to officially tell me he approved. I could tell he didn’t necessarily approve of the tradition, but I appreciate that he made the effort despite that. I think he does actually approve of Ronan as a person, just not necessarily of his ties with IG. Had a conversation with Ronan about my talk with bio-dad…I think I did a bit better job this time of being suave, at least hopefully I did. I did mention to Ronan after that I was sorry for botching things with the traditions, but I was trying to honor them for him. He seemed to understand and said it was another custom to give the girl a gift. A symbol. He didn’t exactly spell out that it was a hell of a lot more than a symbol, it was a ring, and honestly, since it was a pretty cool piece of tech….I didn’t put two and two together at first. I actually just though he was giving me a baller piece of tech. Frack. I would have been a bit more, I don’t know, excited, pleased, give him a kiss…something, if I’d realized he was announcing we were engaged. Sigh. I seriously need to devote some damn time to reading more on IG. Anyway, I gave him the panther droid I’d been working on, he seemed to like it. I made sure to let him know I kind of thought I’d gotten friend zoned and since I wasn’t sure the extend of his traditions he was going to have to lead the physical stuff so I didn’t do something that would go against his culture. He agreed, but asked why I didn’t just ask the other IG member, Cade, on the ship…yeah….I explained why that wouldn’t go over so well. He was a bit surprised. I feel like an ass where’s Cade’s involved, but to be fair I didn’t lead him on, hell I 100% stopped flirting with him as soon as I had any feelings for Ronan.

Ronan and I hooked up. Pretty sure I was his first too, which kind of clued me into things more than the ring did, but I still asked anyway…cause I need to know where we stand. What exactly this all meant. He explained that the ring symbolized an engagement with intent to wed. Well, at least he’s blunt when he realizes I need him to be. That went from 0 to 60 pretty fast. I mean, not that I totally mind, that is what I had in mind. I had already decided on him awhile ago…

We talked about how to act in front of the crew and decided that while on mission we would be 100% professional and while on the ship, since it was our home, we would let ourselves be familiar with one another in front of the others. Next morning, at breakfast, we sat next to one another…but I’m pretty sure the whole him kissing my hand was the giveaway. Kellen and Cade didn’t look pleased, don’t blame them, they’ll just have to get over it though. And Talia just looked smug….yeah I’m sure she either heard or smelled….damn Saga’s. Either way, I like feeling the way I do with Ro and around him. I feel normal, I feel human, I feel like more than a solider. And I like it. So fuck anyone that doesn’t agree.

We planned and divided up for the mission. I let Kellen call the teams since he was more objective than me…Talia and Ro …. and Kellen and I. We didn’t get Michael back, but he didn’t hurt Talia when he could have, just knocked her out. Although I think it’s obvious they brain jacked him I think he’s still in there and I think we can save him. After the attack on the Emperor though…I think we’re gonna have help. The Emperor, Marcus, asked about Michael and I figured up front was the way to go…wouldn’t do to lie to an Emperor. Told him Michael was my crew, but he was abducted and brain jacked by Purity. Made sure to let him know I intended to “save” Michael, with the heavy implication there that Michael was a victim in this too. Pretty sure he picked up on that. Also appears I was wrong with the info I tracked down about Ronan’s father…apparently the Emperor is his bio-dad. Guess Ro didn’t really lie to me…he did say his mother was a duchess and just let me infer that that meant his dad was a duke. Suave SOB knew how to pull those strings. Feel like that’s kind of something you tell a girl before you sleep with her….or for sure at least before you basically propose. I mean what the fuck. Ok, got that out. I’m over it. I get why he mislead me and just like I told him, I don’t give a shit if he’s a gutter sweep or the Emperor himself, I care about him because he’s him. ….. course we learned that Marcus is dieing….. so….shit….doesn’t that mean Ro is in line? I seriously need to read the IG culture shit.

Also, it appears based on this attack by Purity a partnership with IG is really possible, especially if you consider Ro and I’s relationship…can’t help but wonder just how much of that Athena planned. Did she plan for Ro and I too? Have to tell myself, so I don’t feel like it’s fake, that Ro and I would have happened anyway…even if she set the path up…she’s technically still my sister, maybe she was just making sure the right guy was in my path…in which case, I can’t really be mad at that….

Sidenote….goddamn Turless, that motherfucker…can’t believe I called a G D Minister a cyborg. F. U. C. K. He doesn’t seem like he’s holding it against me either…which pisses me off more. The Asshat.

Pandora's Log 6.0

Mission Debrief

Arrived at the facility called “The Nest” to teambuild via combat training exercises. I let Kellen lead the plan for our drills and tactics training as he’s had more experience than me in hosting that type of thing. First day went smoothly, Kellen really worked the team over and it was good for us all to really stretch our legs and see what we were all capable of as a group. During the evening of day 1 Purity attacked the base. Seems like they were there for a member of my crew, Michael, who we removed at his request from a Purity planet. Their forces were overwhelming and Michael sacrificed himself to save the 105 souls on the base. While he pitched himself to Purity, the rest of us retreated to an underground safe area to wait it out. At the 9 hour marker, due to lack of oxygen, Minister of Defense breached the surface and established the enemy had left. We proceeded to dig out the ship hanger and coordinate withdraw to Fortress 2.

Personal Debrief

Had family dinner with the two sisters and bio-mom…we brought dates. Poor Ronan. Dinner was super awkward and serious tension remains between Talia and I. I had really hoped she’d understand why I was so mad at Dr. Torres and cut me some slack, but it appears Talia and I have both pushed each other’s buttons. Thankfully Ronan was pretty awesome about it and helped to salvage what he could of the situation and then make me feel better about it after. That was pretty cool of him, brownie points.

After chatting with him about bio-mom, and Cade about Laureli I went to chat with them both. I think I came to an understanding with the two of them and hopefully things will continue to improve with our relationships. I hadn’t had the chance to do any research yet on IG and asked if bio-mom knew anything about them, turns out she knew quite a bit and I asked that she relay it. I think she was a bit surprised that I wanted the info from her, but hopefully that helped her understand that while I’m still super pissed at the situation I still want to build something with her. She told me about the courting customs…it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought, thank god. Seems that I haven’t been friend zoned, it’s just a matter of, if Ro doesn’t receive approval from both my parents that it could seem like I wasn’t quite worth the effort so to speak in IG’s eyes. I kind of get that…ok, not really. But I get why Ro is doing it…he eventually wants to be part of IG again in whatever way he can, which means I would be involved (or at least I’m taking a leap with that one there) and so he needs to follow their protocol now to make it easier on me in the future. So even if it seems realllllly outdated to me, he’s doing it to make things easier on me and out of respect, so I actually appreciate that. A lot.

Based off research and discussion with Bio-mom, my responsibilities in IG culture would be:

  • Let the gentleman lead in courting circumstances
  • after parents tell me they “approve” of Ronan, let him know, try to do this suavely (failed on that the first time, sheesh)
  • Be familiar with IG politics and help set policy when needed
  • During formal events, allow gentleman to speak for house, but can “behind the scenes” participate in political maneuvering
  • Child rearing and education (which is largely tutor based and very comprehensive from politics to combat)
  • combat for woman is considered very honorable and looked favorable on (thank god)

On the way to The Nest brought it up to Ronan that I had looked into IG stuff and talked to bio-mom and that she approved. Kind of botched the whole subtle thing that time….hopefully I won’t muck it up the second time. And hopefully he can see that while I don’t really agree with the traditions, I’m trying really hard to honor them and abide by them. I care about what he cares about, so hopefully he’ll overlook my slip ups with that in mind.

Had dinner with bio-dad and Ronan…it went so so much better than dinner with bio-mom. Being around Kyle is just easy and we have things to talk about. It was nice. Bio-dad asked Ronan a few questions and they talked some, so hopefully Kyle will give the “approved” status. I mean, honestly, I don’t need bio-mom or bio-dad’s approval. I like Ronan. I’m going for it. But I get that it’s important to him….so….cold showers until then. Sigh.

In the middle of dinner Purity attacked…I lost Michael. First time I’ve lost a member of my crew; and even though I don’t think he’s dead, just captured, I hated it. And I plan to get him back. Regardless of CyTech’s stance on Purity…they just made an enemy of me.

IG Cultural Research

The Imperial Galactic

  • Courting
    • Gentlemen asks father permission to court daughter. Guy and girl attend dinners with mother and father. After each dinner the parent will tell the daughter if they approve of the gentlemen. If they do, the daughter relays this to her suitor, after which they can engage in more “adult behavior”.
    • It is considered disrespectful to not court a lady you have genuine interest in. Society could shun her, or look down upon her, as a result.
    • Men are expected to be leaders in a courting circumstance but remain keenly aware of the woman’s preference. A man’s ability to interpret the desires of his partner is used as a litmus test to how well they’d fair as a couple.
  • Family Life
    • Most IG noblemen are expected to serve in active military service. It’s seen as a duty and an honor.
    • Men are typically the financial and figurehead leaders of the house while women set policy and are expected to be familiar with IG politics
    • At formal events, Men are expected to speak for their house and family in the public eye but women accomplish most of the “off camera” political maneuvering while their husbands attract the scrutiny of the public
    • Targeting Noblewomen for slanderous media pieces is largely seen as tactless
    • Bastard children are seen as “lesser” members of families and are particularly persecuted if the father does not have a “rightful” heir. Many IG Nobles look down on the women that have husbands with bastard sons.
    • Children are well educated by private tutors, trained in everything from politics to combat. Education is largely orchestrated by the matron of the house.
    • Active military service can begin as early as age 18, waiting longer is typically seen as a sign of weakness (indicative of inability to serve for physical or mental reasons). While it’s common for women to serve, it’s seen as a mark of outstanding character if they do whereas for men it’s a black mark if they don’t.
  • IG Royal Structure
    • Research on Ronan’s possible family history:
      • looked up all nobles, excluded ones that aren’t married, excluded ones that didn’t have a son in Ronan’s age range, excluded ones that didn’t have a son that died, looked at those left that only had one son (6 results left), 2 of those six had the kid that died 10 years or younger so eliminated those, looking at the 4 left two were Dukes the other two were very minor, so two candidates for Ronan’s father remain (Tristan Masterson, Byron Sowers), Byron’s son died in teens, Tristan’s son died in 20’s, based off intel Ronan provided his brother died in his 20’s, Duke Masterson is his bio-dad
  • IG History
    • A corporation run entirely via monarchy and succession, the current Emperor of the IG is Grand Emperor Supreme Valorian. The upper echelons of the corporation closely resemble a court system of most monarchies, with political schemes and machinations to match. The Imperial Galactic has one of the most outstanding elite classes in the galaxy but at the cost of one of the most impoverished poor toiling under terrible living conditions.
    • Common Theme: All For The Empire
  • IG Current Political Situation
    • IG is currently attempting to cultivate an Alliance with DragonFire but their staunch and immutable political views mostly keep them apart
    • IG seems the Alliance as a weak entity incapable of creating a consistent corporation, more or less views them as taking in “what’s left” in the galaxy
    • IG’s relationship with Purity is mostly a private affair between Nobles and the Corporation at large. While they quietly snub them as “hippies” and people “afraid of progress” in the public eye, they quietly turn to them for guidance when it comes to offspring
    • IG fiercely competes with the other Corporations for CyTech’s research and development
    • IG regularly courts CyTech in an attempt to acquire exclusive contracts
  • Banishment / Outcaste
    • Dishonored members of IG are expected to choose exile or death
    • Noblemen are hard to convinct of crimes, but if they are punishment is usually severe
    • Laws between Nobles and Commonfolk are wildy different, nobles gravitate toward extremes in the legal code (either punished severely or let off way too easy) compared to the Commoner caste
    • Bastard children can only partially redeem themselves by leading quiet lives outside the public eye to not embarrass their parent, in return they are usually well provided for in quiet back-room dealings
    • Some Noblemen quietly maintain a small retinue of Bastard children if they’re particularly worried about the well-begin or ability to lead in their own children, and more than a few successful Noblemen inherit their family fortune and do well with it thanks to the quiet support of their bastard siblings
Pandora's Log 5.0

Mission Briefing
Sent to Pandemonium to obtain a blood sample from target. Planet intel states it will be hostile survival jungle territory. Taking Kellen…the two of us will survey on foot as the tree cover is too dense to take the ship down. Planet is aptly named, Kellen and I encountered lots of hostiles. Target, who we found out is named Michael, assisted us and took us to his “home”. We discussed things the best we could, his Basic was a bit broken, but it was obvious he possessed superior intellect as he began learning the language just after a few hours of working with us. Decided to bring Michael with us, seemed too cruel to leave him on the planet. He acclimated extremely quickly and showcased unreal powers. Also saved our asses a couple times on the planet on the way off…reallllly glad we brought him now. Encountered HUGE hostile on our final click back to the ship, whole team had to disembark ship and help take it down. DT and I synced up to defeat it.

Mission Funds, Allocated
25,000 credits total
    Kellen 10,000
    Juno 5,000
    Cade 4,000
    Turless 3,000
    Ronan 3,000

Personal Briefing
We set course for Fortress 1, but after providing intel about Michael’s telepathic abilities we were rerouted to Fortress 3. I sent a message to Kyle Roman, Defense Minister, asking:
    “Did you know”, he responded with “I don’t have time for games. Do I know what?”
    “Did you know you’re my biological father”
    “Where are you?”
    “Fortress 3.”

Ronan and I went to dinner again, chatted about Kyle and my family and what it all meant. Nice to have someone to be open with. I know my crew is a lot more informal than most, and I like it that way, but it’s still important for them to see me as somewhat “untouchable”, again Kellen’s advice. That way when the hard call has to be made, they’ll do what they need to do. Anyway dinner was nice, and Ronan eluded to hoping I shared more with him than the rest of the crew, I told him that should be obvious….but kind of wondering if at this point he’s just looking for a good friend. I mean, I’m pretty sure I got friend zoned. He asked if he could meet with Kyle when he showed up, I agreed, but am not really sure what that’s about.

Kyle showed up while we loading up supplies and he and I talked. Turns out he didn’t know that his DNA had been used. I did a blood test in our ship lab and confirmed that we are in fact father/daughter. He actually seemed kind of glad to have family and said that although he’s extremely busy with CyTech defense he does plan to make time to get to know me if I would like to get to know him. His willingness to be a part of my life was actually pretty relieving, I hadn’t realized that having family felt…well, kinda nice. I’m still beyond pissed at bio-mom for her part in this, but on Kellen’s suggestion of giving family second chances I’m going to do just that. Anyway, after Kyle and I had our chat I took him to meet the crew. Thankfully Michael wasn’t there (telepath around Defense Minister = not smart), but the others were. Introduced him to everyone and Ronan asked him if he could “court” me. I’ve got a solid guess as what the hell that means, I really really should have read up more on IG culture…mental note to do that asap. Kyle seemed either pleased or impressed, or both?, at Ronan’s up front nature, hopefully that’s a good thing. Regardless, I’m glad it went smoothly with Kyle, Bio-mom sure fucked up, but at lease Bio-dad seems like a good guy.

Pandora's Log 3.0
Game #3

Breakdown of funds from CyTech
Kellen – 45,000
Cade – 25,000
Ronan – 25,000
Turless – 25,000
Cade extra since he’s spent some on DT – 30,000
Ship – 100,000

Pandora's Log 2.0
Game #2

Mission Debrief and Observations
We infiltrated an Alliance science station that Havok had taken control of. Little issue with getting past their defenses unnoticed. The blockade didn’t detect us, but the station personal did. Lockdown procedures went underway. Thankfully my crew displayed why we’re the best CyTech has to offer, and why CyTech is going to notice, by thinking quickly and performing will skill and grace. We were able to board the station and began sweeping the facility. Freeing the scientist prisoners was priority #1 to avoid hostages being killed, once that was complete we attempted to take the control room. While my ground team was doing that, Cade pulled the plans from the station, and planted a virus so they lost their data…nice thinking, he’s making me look good with the Ministers that’s for sure. Havok leader, clearly a cyborg, got away by threatening to destroy a planet. Disabled device, but either misstepped or Havok deployed the weapon anyway. Cade had a “mental” idea and Turless shot me and DT out of one of the ship’s cannons to intercept the projectile headed for the planet. The idea may have been mental, but it literally saved billions of lives….IG had no idea what they had, very glad Cade is on my side now. I intend to give him a hefty chunk of the bonus cash we received from CyTech for the mission.

Once the projectile was taken care of, Turless picked me and DT up and took us back to the station. The ground team had it secure and we discussed with the Alliance officers there the “transfer” of the prisoner they had. We kept up the ruse and took the captive with us.


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