Character Creation

Starting Character

Attributes: 3d6, reroll 1s, replace lowest with 6, 2 columns
After rolling Attributes, both PCs should convert their attributes to points. The PC with the lowest points rolls a d6, adds 1 to that random Attribute, and continues to do so until the Attribute value is equal. If you roll an Attribute that would put you over the other PC’s point total, re-roll and pick a different Attribute.
Character Level: 6
Starting Personal Credits: 15,000c
Starting Corporate Gear: 150,000c
Use this to purchase a starfighter or Goliath and only if you work for one of the Corporations, the equipment is owned by your corporation but you’ve been granted access and use of it
Books: Any
Wish: The ability to make your character your own, something that makes you truly special. This is more than just grabbing an additional Feat or Talent, come up with something really flavorful and cool and we’ll put some mechanics to it.

Leveling Rules

Other Stuff

  • Picture – 1 Ultra Point
  • Backstory – Blips (1 Ultra Point) + Quirks (1 Ultra Point)

Character Creation

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