New Feats

Below are a list of new Feats available for this campaign.

Combat Gadget Training

Your character has acquired and trained with your own personal omnigadget, especially tuned and calibrated for your character.
Prerequisite: Trained in Mechanics
Benefit: Your character learns (Intelligence Modifier, minimum 1) Gadget Maneuvers and can use them up to (Intelligence + 1) times per encounter. See the Gadget Maneuvers page for a list of available maneuvers. This feat can be taken multiple times and stacks.

Engineering Designer

You specialize in modifications to equipment, making bigger and better prototypes of standard equipment.
Prerequisites: Tech Specialist, trained in Mechanics
Benefit: You can make custom modifications to equipment. Each of these modifications has a base cost of 50c (multiplied by the cost modifier of the item, see Droid Modifications) of the items base cost and requires a DC 20 Mechanics check. On a failed check, the modification fails: you must spend half again as much time and money to make a second attempt, and you gain a +2 bonus on your Mechanics check for each attempt after the first. Installation of the custom modification takes one hour per 50c of the final cost.

The same device can be customized multiple times, but doing so becomes increasingly difficult and expensive. For every previous modification on a given system, increase the DC by 5 and the cost by 100c. No system can be customized more than 3 times. Multiple benefits from successive customizations do not stack.

Typically customizations are described below. The Gamemaster may allow other modifications.

  • Add Emplacement: You add 1 unused emplacement point to the device.
  • Improved Device: The modified item grants an additional +2 equipment bonus.
  • Improved Shields: The shield rating gains an additional 5 SR.
  • Improved Accuracy: The weapon gains an additional +1 to hit.
  • Improved Damage: The weapon gains an additional +2 damage.
  • Improved Armor: Add 1 to any armor trait (such as movement, maximum dexterity, fortitude bonus, etc).
  • Improved Durability: Device gains an additional +1 DR and 1/4 additional maximum hit points.

Gravity Combat Training

Your character has acquired and trained to properly use a gravity manipulation device. Typically this is an implant but you’re free to stylize it for your particular character.
Prerequisite: Trained in Use Computer
Benefit: Your character learns (Intelligence Modifier, minimum 1) gravity combat maneuvers and can use them up to (Intelligence + 1) times per encounter. See the Gravity Maneuvers page for a list of available maneuvers. This feat can be taken multiple times and stacks.

Gravitational Stabilization

Your character is exceptionally skilled at ignoring or counteracting the effects of gravity fields.
Bonus: Scout, Soldier
Benefit: You gain a +5 maneuver bonus to all Defenses against Gravity Maneuvers.

Memory Core Sync

Your character has advanced training in piloting a Goliath.
Prerequisite: Trained in Pilot
Benefit: Most Goliath Memory Cores are a one-sided affair, with only the machine able to read the pilot. Your character has developed an advanced connection, able to accept and process some of the input coming back from your Goliath. Upon rolling Initiative, select one Feat your Goliath Memory Core knows and that you meet the prerequisites for. You gain access to that Feat for the remainder of the combat.
Special: If you spend a Force Point, you can also gain access to one of your Goliath Memory Core’s Talents.


Your character has been infused with advanced nanites which augment your biological structure, keeping you in peak physical condition.
Prerequisite: Non Droid
Benefit: The nanites in your system provide multiple benefits:

  • Acute Senses: Your nanites provided an advanced visual overlay which projects data into your field of vision. As a swift action, you can make a DC 15 Use Computer check to negate concealment in a 6 square radius when making checks to detect or observe targets. The DC increases by 5 if the target has full cover. For every 5 by which you overcome the base DC, the range of this ability increases by 6 squares.
  • Integrated Equipment: You never suffer penalties for integrating cybernetic or biotechnological implants.
  • Low Power Mode: You can enter a meditative trance as a full round action. While in this trance, you remain aware of your surroundings and can exit the trance as a swift action with a successful DC 10 Use Computer check. You need only rest for 4 hours (instead of 8) and regenerate your Character Level in Hit Points each hour. While in Low Power mode, you can go 10 times as long without food or water.
  • Lung Capacity: As a free action you can make a DC 15 Use Computer check to focus your nanites on efficient oxygen absorption. This allows you to hold your breath for twice your Constitutions core in rounds.

Personal Combat Training

Through intense and dedicated training, your character has learned a few special combat maneuvers to give you the edge in a fight.
Prerequisite: BAB +1, Trained in Knowledge (Tactics)
Benefit: Your character learns (Wisdom Modifier, minimum 1) combat maneuvers and can use them up to (Wisdom + 1) times per encounter. See the Combat Maneuvers page for a list of available maneuvers. This feat can be taken multiple times and stacks. Additionally, your character can use their Wisdom Modifier in place of their Intelligence Modifier when making Knowledge (Tactics) rolls.

Twin Mind Union

You’ve mastered operating a Goliath, to the point where you can free up your Goliath’s Memory Core so that it can take indendent actions.
Prerequisites: Memory Core Sync, A Strong Neural Link Connection with your Goliath
Benefit: Make a Use Computer Check, DC 20, as a Free Action. Failure causes the Goliath to move 1 step down the Condition Track due to neural overload. If you succeed, the Goliath can take 1 Swift Action (using all its own skills and modifiers) for the turn. At a DC 25, your Goliath can take an independent Move Action. At DC 30, a Standard Action. And finally, at DC 35, your Goliath can take a Full Round Action using its own traits. The Goliath cannot use any systems that was used by the Operator in the same turn (Operator actions always have priority while the Goliath is actively piloted) and both actions happen at the samet ime.

For example, if the Operator took a Move Action to move 8 squares in the turn then the Memory Core could not take a second Move Action to move additional squares. The the Goliath has configured with a flight system as well, however, then the Goliath could move twice its speed by both taking a move action. As another example, if the Operator succeeds on a DC 25 check, the Goliath could take a move action while the Operator takes a Full Round Action to attack with both weapons the Goliath is carrying.


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