What Are They?

Goliaths are war frames built for heavy ground and air combat. They typically are accompanied by a pilot but, like droids, have their own artificial intelligence that allows them to operate autonomously.

Goliath Components

Memory Core

All Goliaths have a detachable memory core which stores the personality matrix of the Goliath itself. This core can be transferred from one frame to another which also transfers the Goliath’s personality and mental characteristics. While the Goliath Core determines the Goliath’s mental attributes, the frame the core is set in determines its physical attributes. The Goliath retains its Skills, Feats, and Talents no matter the frame.

For a list of commercially available units, check the Goliath Memory Cores page.

War Frame

Goliath War Frames are the physical frame that the memory core is attached to and determine the physical traits and characteristics of the Goliath. All War Frames can support a single occupant up to Medium size, although custom frames can be build for larger creatures. Goliath War Frames are typically two size categories larger than their pilot (Huge Size) although other custom War Frames have been built.

Most War Frames come with standard components allowing them to use “load outs”, which represent the currently equipment the War Frame is loaded. Most Goliath weapons follow a standardized model which make load-out components universal among them. Each War Frame also comes with a neural link which allows the Goliath and Pilot to mentally connect to one another, which eliminates the need for clunky controls and makes even the most novice person capable of at least basic Goliath operation.

For a list of commercially available frames, check the Goliath War Frames page.

Piloting a Goliath

Piloting Basics

Like any other theater of war, it takes a talented pilot to bring out the best in their Goliath.

  • Characters can, for the most part, use Talents and Feats while piloting their Goliaths.
    • Feats that benefit vehicles also apply while piloting a Goliath.
  • For physical skill checks, the Goliath is treated as having a number of ranks in a skill equal to the pilots.
  • Goliaths usually cannot take separate actions while under active piloting.
    • Almost all Goliaths use their neural link to aid their Pilot or take purely mental actions.

Most Skill checks are made using the Pilots Ranks and the Goliath’s physical attribute modifiers. If the Pilot is not trained in Pilot, these Skill checks are treated as Untrained even if the Pilot is trained in the skill.

The Neural Link

Neurally linking with a Goliath is essential to operating it at peak efficiency and is the main reason pilots are typically assigned to only one Goliath. Establishing a strong neural link requires the Pilot to operate the Goliath and attempt to establish a strong connection. This is often represented by a Skill Challenge. Each “tier” of success negates some of the penalty for operating a Goliath.

  • Bare Connection (-10): The worst possible connection, typically occurs when the Goliath has faulty neural syncing technology or when the Titan is linked to a completely incompetent Pilot.
  • Weak Connection (-5): A bare bones connection which typically occurs when a pilot with the most basic of training manages to establish a neural link with a Pilot.
  • Steady Connection (-2): A typical connection strength for a fresh but well trained Pilot with their Goliaths, the majority of Goliath “ground troopers” operate at this level of efficiency.
  • Strong Connection (-1): A strong connection is typically established by veteran Pilots that have run several missions with their Goliath. Most Pilots at this level of connection typically develop an emotional attachment with their Goliath and vice verse.
  • Perfect Connection (-0): The strongest connection possible between a Pilot and Goliath, this is reserved for Ace Pilots with Advanced Memory Cores. The bond between the two is unshakeable and their trust of one another implicit, creating a strong emotional attachment between the two. Of the few Pilots that have established this level of connection, most of them describe their Goliath as their best friend and Goliaths that maintain this level of connection have been known to even break their rudimentary programming and move heaven and earth to be there for their Pilots.

Goliath Modifications

Goliath Memory Cores have two sets modifications. The first are Goliath Factory Traits which are determined by the producer of the Core’s Software. The second are Goliath Modifications which can be programmed by a technician to change how the Goliath performs. Each Core can only have one of each trait.


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