LevelBase Attack
Class Features
1st+1Defense bonuses, Talent
2nd+2Gravity Technique
4th+4Gravity Technique
6th+6Gravity Technique
8th+8Gravity Technique
10th+10Gravity Technique


To qualify to become a Gyrokineticist, a character must fulfill the following criteria:
Base Attack Bonus: +7
Trained Skills: Use Computer
Talents: Gravity Training

Game Rule Information

Champions have the following game statistics.

Hit Points
Each level, Gyrokineticists gain 1d10 + their Constitution Modifier in hit points.

Force Points
Champions gain a number of Force Points equal to 6 + one-half their character level, rounded down, every time they gain a new level in this class.

Class Features

Defense Bonuses
At 1st level, you gain a +2 class bonus to your Fortitude, Reflex and Will Defenses.

At ever odd-numbered level, you select a talent. The talent can be selected from the Superior Skills Talent Tree (GoI p.21), the Gravity Control Talent Tree (below), or the Unstable Anomaly Talent Tree (below). You must meet the prerequisites (if any) of the chosen talent. No talent can be selected more than once unless explicitly indicated.

Gravity Control

This Talent tree further enhances the abilities of the Gyrokineticist, giving them more control over their Gravity fields.

Disciplined Strike: Your refined control over Gravity fields lets you skillfully weave fields, even around allies that would otherwise be in the way. You can exclude up to your Intelligence Modifier squares from a Gravity Maneuver that targets an area of effect. Further, you can choose to not kill targets even if you deal damage that puts them below 0 hit points and is higher than their damage threshold.

Energized Emitter: You have more direct control over your Gravity Maneuvers. You can spend a Full Round Action to make a DC 15 Use Computer check. If this check succeeds, you automatically recover one Gravity Maneuver that can be used for the encounter. For every 5 by which you exceed the difficulty, you recover another maneuver. Finally, you can make the same check to reprogram maneuvers to any of your maneuvers known instead of recovering them.

Field Harmonization: You’re able to sense and help manipulate the Gravity Fields of others. You can ready a Standard Action to trigger either of the following abilities: make a Use Computer check to Aid Another with a Gravity Maneuver as a Reaction or activate Field Negation on an ally within 6 squares and line of sight as a Reaction. Whichever ability you choose to use, each use levies a -5 penalty to your own Use Computer checks to execute Gravity Maneuvers until the end of your next turn.

Gravitational Prodigy: Once per encounter as a Reaction, you can choose to return a Gravity Maneuver to your active suite. If you return a Gravity Maneuver that can be used as a Reaction to the trigger of this ability, you’re also free to use that Gravity Maneuver as part of the same Reaction. Further, each time you take Gravity Training you can select one additional Gravity Maneuver. This is retroactive for previous purchases of Gravity Training upon taking this Talent.

Unstable Anomaly

Having gone past the standard training for Gravity Maneuvers, Gyrokineticists develop reliable and powerful uses of Gravity Fields that they can call on outside of their normal Gravity Training Maneuvers.

Grav Duelist: When you are targeted by a successful melee or ranged attack, you can make a Use Computer check as a Reaction. If your check equals or exceeds the attack roll, your character is able to react by producing a field that absorbs the attack entirely. Each successive use of this ability levies a cumulative -5 penalty to further uses until the beginning of your next turn.

Grav Slinger: You specialize in bringing people together. Literally. Make a Use Computer check against your opponent’s Reflex Defense. if you overcome the target’s defense, you send them flying in any direction 1 square (meter) for every point you overcome their Defense (to a maximum of your Character Level in squares). If you choose to slam them into another object, your check must also overcome the object’s Reflex Defense. If the target impacts a solid object, both the target and the object suffer 1d6 damage for every 3 squares (meters) of movement remaining at impact.

Ripple: By executing your melee attacks, your character can use them to bend fields and assault targets at range. Make a melee attack except substitute your Intelligence Modifier for your Strength Modifier (both to hit and, on a successful strike, to damage). If you’re wielding a two handed weapon, you add 2 x your Intelligence modifier to damage as normal. Your melee attacks are considered to have Pistol range. At 13th level, your melee attacks are considered to have Rifle range.

Star Crusher: You’re able to manipulate targets via field generation, holding them in place. Select a target no bigger than one size category larger than you within 12 squares and your line of sight. Your character can execute a grapple roll, substituting your Use Computer in place of your attack roll, against your target’s Reflex Defense. If successful, you can execute the Pin or Trip Maneuver (whichever you prefer). If you wish, you can choose to crush your target while executing one of these maneuvers. Doing so inflicts 1d6 base damage plus an additional 1d6 for every 5 by which you overcome the target’s Reflex Defense, and you add your Intelligence modifier to this damage.

Gravity Techniques

Your gravity training has been honed to a fine art, taking Gravity Maneuvers to the next level. At every even-numbered level, you gain one of the Gravity Techniques that, once selected, cannot be changed.


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