Ultra Points

Ultra Points

Below are the rules outlining the use of Ultra Points which you can use to further expand your character each level.

Ultra Points per Level – 3 / 4 / 5 points per level

At levels 1 through 7 your character receives 3 Ultra Points. 8 through 12 is 4 Ultra Points. And from level 13 on, you receive 5 Ultra Points per level. As a general rule, your character cannot buy things that could not feasibly be attained at your level (such as having a BAB of 10 at 8th level).

Base Attack Bonus – 2 points per increase per class

Each purchase increases the BAB progression of a single class by one step. 3/4 BAB becomes Full BAB. Full BAB cannot be further increased. For example, if your character had 8 Levels in Scoundrel and spent 2 Ultra Points to take the class up to full BAB progression, your BAB would go from 6 to 8.

Class Hit Die – 2 points per increase per class

Each purchase grants your character a one “step” die increase on all character levels for one class. For instance, if your character had 7 levels in Noble and spent 4 Ultra Points, your Hit Die would go from 7d6 to 7d10. If you purchase this feature after taking levels in the augmented class, add half the difference in the Hit Die change (so a d6 to d8 would be 1 hit point per level, d6 to a d10 would give you 2 hit points per level, etc).

Class Skills – 1 point per 3 Skills

For a single Ultra Point, pick any 3 Skills and add them to your Class Skill list. This does not make you trained in those skills, just gives you the option to take those skills with Skill Training.

Save Increase – 1 point per save bonus

Spending Ultra Points, you can increase the class bonus of a Save by 1 for each Ultra Point spent. For Levels 1-7, the max save bonus of +2. From Levels 8-12, the maximum bonus of +4. Above Level 12, the maximum save bonus of +6.

Bonus Feats – 1 point per level

You can select any Feat your character meets the prerequisites for.

Race Points – 1 point per 2 Race Points

You can spend Race Points on any racial traits you wish provided you do not violate the basic rules of race creation, such as purchasing multiple starting ability packages. See the Pathfinder Race Point System for additional information.

Talents and Class Features – 2 Points

Your character can purchase a Class Talent for any class you meet the prerequisites for. For example, if you want to take a Talent from a Carbineer Talent tree (via the Gunslinger Prestige Class) you would need to have a Heroic Character Level of 7 and have the Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw and be proficient with Pistols.

Monster Features – Varies

When possible, buy monster features using Race Points (as outlined above). For monster abilities not covered by Race Points, a unique ability costs Ultra Points equal to the Monster’s CR. You cannot purchase a special ability from a monster with a CR above your Hit Die. Unless a template has a specific prerequisite, you may start buying features of a template at 1st level for 1 Ultra Point a piece. This also cannot be used to purchase abilities that are already covered in other categories (such as spells) or anything that isn’t Setting appropriate. For this particular setting, these traits typically occur as a result of genetic manipulation or nanotechnology.

Ultra Points

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