World Backstory

The Galaxy

The Galaxy is divided up into six sections, each of which is an overt Corporatocracy. Each Corporation has its own form of government and claims the majority of ownership in their territory, or at the very least the majority of taxes paid therein. Each Corporation has a different method of government and some are business friendly to one another, but they regularly have territory disputes and the like.

The Big Six

Alliance of Free Worlds – Called the Alliance for short, they are mostly made up of shareholders and have a reasonably democratic procedure. A few over-arcing rules bind them all together but for the most part each sub-corporation is run freely by their own particular interest group. The Alliance is the smallest of all the Corporations but grants the most freedom to their citizens.

Common Theme: Freedom Above All Else

CyTech Inc – One of the smallest of the corporations but easily the most advanced, they have the highest wealth ratio of all other corporations and specialize in advanced bio-technology. While easily the most neutral of all the corporations, they sell their advanced technologies to all the other corporations which keep the scales even, make a huge profit, and allow them to remain neutral throughout galactic conflict. A large portion of the galaxy’s most advanced minds work for this company.

Common Theme: Progress At Any Cost

DragonFire Corp – An elitist and deeply spiritual corporation run by honor-bound warriors that value tradition and a strict social hierarchy. Like most of the corporations, corruption seethes in their upper levels but the people hold themselves to a strict code and are a strong community that rely heavily on one another. People in this corporation typically choose to specialize in one area of expertise and very rarely take the time to branch out.

Common Theme: Honor And Duty

Havok LP – Scourge of the galaxy and friend to none, Havok subsists by taking from the other corporations and showing them no mercy. Mostly made up of pirates and the worst of the worst, Havok is widely considered by the other corporations to be a blight on the Galaxy. Unfortunately, none of the other corporations can make a firm enough Alliance and trust one another long enough to combine their resources to take them down. Havok has had particular success in recent decades with their raiding efforts, leaving some to believe they’ve managed to successfully infiltrate the other corporations.

Common Theme: Only the Strong Survive

Imperial Galactic – A corporation run entirely via monarchy and succession, the current Emperor of the IG is Grand Emperor Supreme Valorian. The upper echelons of the corporation closely resemble a court system of most monarchies, with political schemes and machinations to match. The Imperial Galactic has one of the most outstanding elite classes in the galaxy but at the cost of one of the most impoverished poor toiling under terrible living conditions.

Cultural Information
Common Theme: All For The Empire

Purity Ltd – Officially known as Purification Technologies Limited, Purity focuses on bio-technologies favoring organic solutions over industrial ones. Mostly considered “tree-hugers” up until the last few decades, Purity shocked the world when they unveiled their bio-tech fleet of ships and weaponry. Once more, these technologies could keep up with even the most cutting edge ships in service. Prior to they specialized in agricultural services and had some of the top organic production facilities in the entire galaxy which they happily traded to maintain their neutrality. The emergence of their new technologies shocked the galaxy but, for now, they maintain their trade relationship with the other corporations.

Common Theme: Life Above All Else

Map of the Galaxy

Corporate Territory Key
Core Colonies – Neutral Territory
New Territories – DragonFire
Negs, Northern Dependencies, Trans-Hydian – Alliance of Free Worlds
The Slice – Imperial Galactic
Trailing Sectors – Purity
Western Reaches – CyTech

Note Havok has no claimed territory directly, instead their numerous organizations control pockets of territory within other corporations territory.

World Backstory

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