To the Ends of the Galaxy

IG Cultural Research

The Imperial Galactic

  • Courting
    • Gentlemen asks father permission to court daughter. Guy and girl attend dinners with mother and father. After each dinner the parent will tell the daughter if they approve of the gentlemen. If they do, the daughter relays this to her suitor, after which they can engage in more “adult behavior”.
    • It is considered disrespectful to not court a lady you have genuine interest in. Society could shun her, or look down upon her, as a result.
    • Men are expected to be leaders in a courting circumstance but remain keenly aware of the woman’s preference. A man’s ability to interpret the desires of his partner is used as a litmus test to how well they’d fair as a couple.
  • Family Life
    • Most IG noblemen are expected to serve in active military service. It’s seen as a duty and an honor.
    • Men are typically the financial and figurehead leaders of the house while women set policy and are expected to be familiar with IG politics
    • At formal events, Men are expected to speak for their house and family in the public eye but women accomplish most of the “off camera” political maneuvering while their husbands attract the scrutiny of the public
    • Targeting Noblewomen for slanderous media pieces is largely seen as tactless
    • Bastard children are seen as “lesser” members of families and are particularly persecuted if the father does not have a “rightful” heir. Many IG Nobles look down on the women that have husbands with bastard sons.
    • Children are well educated by private tutors, trained in everything from politics to combat. Education is largely orchestrated by the matron of the house.
    • Active military service can begin as early as age 18, waiting longer is typically seen as a sign of weakness (indicative of inability to serve for physical or mental reasons). While it’s common for women to serve, it’s seen as a mark of outstanding character if they do whereas for men it’s a black mark if they don’t.
  • IG Royal Structure
    • Research on Ronan’s possible family history:
      • looked up all nobles, excluded ones that aren’t married, excluded ones that didn’t have a son in Ronan’s age range, excluded ones that didn’t have a son that died, looked at those left that only had one son (6 results left), 2 of those six had the kid that died 10 years or younger so eliminated those, looking at the 4 left two were Dukes the other two were very minor, so two candidates for Ronan’s father remain (Tristan Masterson, Byron Sowers), Byron’s son died in teens, Tristan’s son died in 20’s, based off intel Ronan provided his brother died in his 20’s, Duke Masterson is his bio-dad
  • IG History
    • A corporation run entirely via monarchy and succession, the current Emperor of the IG is Grand Emperor Supreme Valorian. The upper echelons of the corporation closely resemble a court system of most monarchies, with political schemes and machinations to match. The Imperial Galactic has one of the most outstanding elite classes in the galaxy but at the cost of one of the most impoverished poor toiling under terrible living conditions.
    • Common Theme: All For The Empire
  • IG Current Political Situation
    • IG is currently attempting to cultivate an Alliance with DragonFire but their staunch and immutable political views mostly keep them apart
    • IG seems the Alliance as a weak entity incapable of creating a consistent corporation, more or less views them as taking in “what’s left” in the galaxy
    • IG’s relationship with Purity is mostly a private affair between Nobles and the Corporation at large. While they quietly snub them as “hippies” and people “afraid of progress” in the public eye, they quietly turn to them for guidance when it comes to offspring
    • IG fiercely competes with the other Corporations for CyTech’s research and development
    • IG regularly courts CyTech in an attempt to acquire exclusive contracts
  • Banishment / Outcaste
    • Dishonored members of IG are expected to choose exile or death
    • Noblemen are hard to convinct of crimes, but if they are punishment is usually severe
    • Laws between Nobles and Commonfolk are wildy different, nobles gravitate toward extremes in the legal code (either punished severely or let off way too easy) compared to the Commoner caste
    • Bastard children can only partially redeem themselves by leading quiet lives outside the public eye to not embarrass their parent, in return they are usually well provided for in quiet back-room dealings
    • Some Noblemen quietly maintain a small retinue of Bastard children if they’re particularly worried about the well-begin or ability to lead in their own children, and more than a few successful Noblemen inherit their family fortune and do well with it thanks to the quiet support of their bastard siblings



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