To the Ends of the Galaxy

Pandora's Log 6.0

Mission Debrief

Arrived at the facility called “The Nest” to teambuild via combat training exercises. I let Kellen lead the plan for our drills and tactics training as he’s had more experience than me in hosting that type of thing. First day went smoothly, Kellen really worked the team over and it was good for us all to really stretch our legs and see what we were all capable of as a group. During the evening of day 1 Purity attacked the base. Seems like they were there for a member of my crew, Michael, who we removed at his request from a Purity planet. Their forces were overwhelming and Michael sacrificed himself to save the 105 souls on the base. While he pitched himself to Purity, the rest of us retreated to an underground safe area to wait it out. At the 9 hour marker, due to lack of oxygen, Minister of Defense breached the surface and established the enemy had left. We proceeded to dig out the ship hanger and coordinate withdraw to Fortress 2.

Personal Debrief

Had family dinner with the two sisters and bio-mom…we brought dates. Poor Ronan. Dinner was super awkward and serious tension remains between Talia and I. I had really hoped she’d understand why I was so mad at Dr. Torres and cut me some slack, but it appears Talia and I have both pushed each other’s buttons. Thankfully Ronan was pretty awesome about it and helped to salvage what he could of the situation and then make me feel better about it after. That was pretty cool of him, brownie points.

After chatting with him about bio-mom, and Cade about Laureli I went to chat with them both. I think I came to an understanding with the two of them and hopefully things will continue to improve with our relationships. I hadn’t had the chance to do any research yet on IG and asked if bio-mom knew anything about them, turns out she knew quite a bit and I asked that she relay it. I think she was a bit surprised that I wanted the info from her, but hopefully that helped her understand that while I’m still super pissed at the situation I still want to build something with her. She told me about the courting customs…it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought, thank god. Seems that I haven’t been friend zoned, it’s just a matter of, if Ro doesn’t receive approval from both my parents that it could seem like I wasn’t quite worth the effort so to speak in IG’s eyes. I kind of get that…ok, not really. But I get why Ro is doing it…he eventually wants to be part of IG again in whatever way he can, which means I would be involved (or at least I’m taking a leap with that one there) and so he needs to follow their protocol now to make it easier on me in the future. So even if it seems realllllly outdated to me, he’s doing it to make things easier on me and out of respect, so I actually appreciate that. A lot.

Based off research and discussion with Bio-mom, my responsibilities in IG culture would be:

  • Let the gentleman lead in courting circumstances
  • after parents tell me they “approve” of Ronan, let him know, try to do this suavely (failed on that the first time, sheesh)
  • Be familiar with IG politics and help set policy when needed
  • During formal events, allow gentleman to speak for house, but can “behind the scenes” participate in political maneuvering
  • Child rearing and education (which is largely tutor based and very comprehensive from politics to combat)
  • combat for woman is considered very honorable and looked favorable on (thank god)

On the way to The Nest brought it up to Ronan that I had looked into IG stuff and talked to bio-mom and that she approved. Kind of botched the whole subtle thing that time….hopefully I won’t muck it up the second time. And hopefully he can see that while I don’t really agree with the traditions, I’m trying really hard to honor them and abide by them. I care about what he cares about, so hopefully he’ll overlook my slip ups with that in mind.

Had dinner with bio-dad and Ronan…it went so so much better than dinner with bio-mom. Being around Kyle is just easy and we have things to talk about. It was nice. Bio-dad asked Ronan a few questions and they talked some, so hopefully Kyle will give the “approved” status. I mean, honestly, I don’t need bio-mom or bio-dad’s approval. I like Ronan. I’m going for it. But I get that it’s important to him….so….cold showers until then. Sigh.

In the middle of dinner Purity attacked…I lost Michael. First time I’ve lost a member of my crew; and even though I don’t think he’s dead, just captured, I hated it. And I plan to get him back. Regardless of CyTech’s stance on Purity…they just made an enemy of me.



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