Cade Grant

Former IG Mechanic


Arms Locker

Primary Armor

ItemEmp PtsMarket ValueDescription
Merr-Sonn KZZ Riot Armor0 EP2,500c+2 Ref Def, +2 For Def, +5 Max Dex, 6 kg, reinforced blast helmet, vest, small shield
> Mandalorian Template0 EP1,000c+5 equip bonus to mod
> Integrated Light Energy Shield1 EP2,000cSR 10
>> Superior Shields0 EP2,000c+10 SR to personal shield
> Superior Helmet Package0 EP2,000c+5 equip bonus to Perception
> Armorplast0 EP900creduces armor weight by 50%
> Vacuum Seals0 EP2,000c10 hrs in vacuum, +2kg weight
> Helmet Package0 EP4,000+2 equip on Perception, low-light vision, hands-free comms
> 3 add’l Emplacement Points+3 EP450c+3 Emplacement Points – 6 Total
> Integrated Equipment (10 Slots)2 EP2,000c10 equipment slots
> Holoshroud 1 EP5,000ccreatues a holographic image (DC 20 Use Comp to change), +10 Stealth/Deception to hide/fool
> Drodiification 2 EP51,000c9th Level Droid – 22/20/18/18/16 Attributes

Droid Modfiications

ItemMarket ValueDescription
SR 157,500cSR 15
Superior Shields2,000c+10 SR to personal shield
Antitheft Comlink Locator100ccan send distress signal
Micro Shield600cswft to activate, +1 equip to Ref Def
Multispectrum Searchlight100c6km range, +2 equip to search, 6 sqr cone, -10 Stealth
Remote Viewer1,000caudio/visual sensor, range 12 sqrs for 2 hrs, spd 4 sqrs, Ref 16 / For 10
Scomp Link100c+2 equip on use Comp w/ friendly access
Survival Kit100c-4 to Survival checks, contains basic materials
Voice-Print Command Lock400cignore unauthorized users, diff Will Def + 5
Magnetic Feet100c+2 equip on Climb checks, +5 vs getting knocked off
Communication Countermeasures1,000c+5 Use Comp vs comm jamming
Communication Jammer2,000c+5 Use Comp to shut down comms, DC 25 for comlink w/in 1 km
Remote Receiver Signal Booster500cincrease com range by 50%, DC 30 Use Comp for 100% for 1 hr
Specialized Subprocessor3,000cadd’l swift for Endurance, Stealth, Use Computer
Synchronized Fire Circuits150cadd’l +2 bonus on aid another rolls for atks

Droid Build

Scout 7 / Saboteur 2
Defenses: Ref 26 (FF 21), For 19, Wil 27
Feats (5+3): Aiming Accuracy, Deadeye, Droid Shield Mastery, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sensor Link, Shake It Off, Shield Surge, Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Rifles, Simple)
Talents (5): Improved Stealth, Hidden Movement, Total Concealment, Dig In, Blaster Turret I
Skills (10): Acrobatics, Deception, Endurance, Initiative, K (Tactics, Technology), Mechanics, Perception, Pilot, Stealth, Use Computer
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 20, Con -, Int 22, Wis 18, Cha 16
Ranged: Carbine +13 (3d8+4)

Primary Weapon: Assault Blaster Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher (4,850c)
3d8 damage (or grenade); Stun; Single / Autofire; 5kg; Energy; 100 shots/pp, accurate – 8 grenades
Modifications: Added Grenade Launcher, Targeting Scope, Improved Accuracy x2, Componetization, improved Energy Cell, Enhanced Grenade Capacity (+4)

Droid Assistants: Two Work Droids: Ratchet and Clank

Cade Grant

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