Combat Techniques

Combat Techniques

Below are a list of Combat Techniques available to the Champion at every even level. For each of your Combat Maneuvers you activate that is augmented by a Combat Technique, you can re-roll your Knowledge (Tactics) activation roll but must take the result.

Focused Maneuver

Choose a single Combat Maneuver. Whenever you activate that Maneuver, you’re treated as always having spent a Force Point in conjunction with that Maneuver (without having to spend a Force Point yourself).

Evasive Technique

This Combat Technique can be selected once for each Combat Maneuver that allows you to take half damage on a successful skill check. If you succeed in your activation roll, you instead take no damage. Combat Maneuvers this effects include: Charging Counterattack, Deflecting Counter, and Stepping Riposte.

Improved Assured Assault

Treat your lowest roll as though it was an Aid Another attempt to your highest roll when determining the final total of your attack roll. If both attacks were successful, instead double the damage dice of your weapon on your damage roll.

Improved Cover All the Angles

Your character has mastered this maneuver, making even the best better at what they do. If your activation roll would lower the targets’ relevant Defense, you instead treat your activation roll as an Aid Another to the ally’s Reflex Defense. You can also elect to use this benefit if the combined result would be greater than your activation roll.

Improved Deadly Strike

Your character has an eye for hitting the sweet spot of a target. For each die of damage you add with this Maneuver, you deal an additional 2 points of damage and can re-roll a single die of damage. Unlike the weapon damage dice of this Maneuver, this extra damage is multiplied with a critical hit.

Improved Disarming Strike

Any opponent you disarm with this Maneuver provokes an attack of opportunity. If you elected to take the disarmed weapon to hand, you may use it to make the attack of opportunity if the opponent provokes from you.

Improved Forced Movement

If you successfully move your opponent with this Maneuver, subtract the squares the opponent moved from their movement speed in the following round (minimum 0 squares of movement).

Improved Knocked Back

Having trained to follow up an attack with a well-placed slam, you’ve further augmented this Maneuver. The opponent also suffers collision damage using your size (or the size of the Goliath you’re operating) upon being successfully moved. Unlike normal collisions, you do not suffer damage.

Improved Phalanx Warding

You’ve developed a sixth sense for keeping those around you safe. You can activate this maneuver as a reaction to an adjacent ally getting attacked. The maneuver still affects all adjacent allies and lasts the entire turn. If your character has the ability to protect an adjacent ally (via Talents like Interpose, Bodyguard, or something else) you can activate this Maneuver simultaneously with those abilities and the bonus provided by this Maneuver also applies to those abilities.

Improved Quick Flank

You move with such skill and precision that your allies also are considered flanking against a target you successfully use this Maneuver against until the start of your next turn.

Improved Studied Target

You can maintain the bonus provided by this Maneuver as a swift action each turn. You can change the target that you receive bonuses against once per turn as part of the swift action spent maintaining this Maneuver.

Improved Sweeping Assault

This Maneuver now affects up to your Wisdom modifier in adjacent targets to your original target. You also add half your character level to the damage dealt by this Maneuver to all adjacent targets.

Improved Swooping Strike

Using the momentum built up from this maneuver, your character can make a decisive attack as a result. You’re always considered to be making a Charging Attack when you use this Maneuver and you deal additional damage equal to the number of squares moved to your opponent. Note that without Feats that say otherwise, you must move directly to your target when using this Maneuver to gain the benefits of Charging and the extra damage.

Improved Twin Strike

If both attacks of this Maneuver hit, your character can make an additional third attack at the same penalty.

Improved Whirling Strike

Your character can target an additional Wisdom modifier (minimum 1 additional) targets with this maneuver, provided they’re all valid targets for this attack.

Twin Viper Strike

Your character has mastered engaging multiple opponents. You can expend one Twin Strike and one Whirling Strike maneuver to make two attacks on up to 2 + your Wisdom Modifier (minimum 1) valid targets. Your activation roll determines the penalty to all of your attacks (per Twin Strike) and the penalty all combatants suffer to attack you (per Whirling Strike). Using this Technique is a Full Round Action.

Combat Techniques

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