CyTech Inc – One of the smallest of the corporations but easily the most advanced, they have the highest wealth ratio of all other corporations and specialize in advanced bio-technology. While easily the most neutral of all the corporations, they sell their advanced technologies to all the other corporations which keep the scales even, make a huge profit, and allow them to remain neutral throughout galactic conflict. A large portion of the galaxy’s most advanced minds work for this company.

Common Theme: Progress At Any Cost

  • The top secret initiative, S.A.G.A. (Strategic Assault Genetic Android), is known to only the highest ranking members of CyTech. The first generation yielded unstable results, but Juno was part of the “crop” that yielded several protege.
  • Juno is a second generation bio-engineered “human”. Her body contains millions of bio-tech nanites. These nanites give her biotic like abilities over gravity, in addition to advanced healing and better senses. These nanites also benefit her with the gadget maneuver feat. Because all these abilities are worked into her body via the nanites, Juno is ideal for stealth operations where more obvious devices aren’t allowed.
  • It becomes obvious to others what she is if they see her blood, the millions of nanities and nanite bio-gel that make up the fluid in her body has a clear gel consistency where a human would have red blood. This also attributes to her paler than normal complexion.

  • Despite Juno being a test tube baby, she had a somewhat happy childhood. She was allowed to play with other children her age and socialize. She even attended a “normal” school, however, additional lessons were provided by CyTech and she had some of the best tutors in the Galaxy. Juno studied everything from biogenetics to philosophy. She liked her tutors and was extremely well adjusted—something the scientists that made her credited to the nanites.
  • Juno was raised by a small team of “caregivers”, scientists with psychology backgrounds who took turns caring for her. Although she liked her caregivers she never grew truly attached to any of them…perhaps this was by design.
  • Juno typically followed the rules when growing up, but did have her occasional rebellious stages, the different was, that although they were few, when she had them….they were very serious. Once when she was 14 she smuggled herself out of the CyTech training facility and it took them a full 8 months to locate her and bring her back. Even after extensive questioning Juno never revealed the events that occurred during those 8 months, but did tell them “I let you find me, you have the best material and funds, there isn’t a place I can learn more right now, but when there is….you won’t find me”

The eight months….
Juno smuggled herself out of the CyTech training facility via outgoing supply crates. She hopped from space station to space station and vessel to vessel the first two weeks, making sure her path was untraceable. She meditated and had her nanites seek out the tracker that CyTech had installed in her body and destroy it. Something CyTech didn’t know she was capable of…controlling her nanites to such a degree. Once Juno was sure she was truly hidden she set out to see the Galaxy for herself. At fourteen she attracted a bit too much attention and then curious and terrified stares when she ended up being capable of putting grown men on their asses, so she suited up in stealth armor that covered her face pretty quick. She also had the nanites modified her vocal cords to change her vocal tones so she sounded a bit older…with the disguise accomplished Juno joined up with her first Merc group….a team from the Havok corporation who were also pretty young and just starting out. Juno seamlessly fit in and quickly earned the trust of the group. The other youngest member at the time was an 18 year old named Hale, they became friends and enjoyed terrorizing each other on and off missions, until the Captain would yell at them for being disruptive. They typically hung out together while the other members of the crew hung out with the older folks. Hale and Juno experimented with kissing, making out and the like, but never went farther than that and remained close friends even after.

Juno went on several missions with the Havok team until it became monotonous and she grew itchy to finish her studies. She quietly slipped off and contacted a man named Terrance, from the DragonFly Corp, who she’d previously done the favor of saving his life. She stayed with him for about two weeks while she let local security get a facial scan on her so that CyTech would come pick her up. It wasn’t until many years later, when Juno was a bit more self aware, that she realized she’d been an ass to Hale by just leaving and not saying anything. She regrets not telling him and hell, not offering for him to come with her.

Juno’s sleep attire Juno’s casual attire


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