Mission 1

Mission Debriefing

  • IG weapon discovered that could create disastrous atmospheric effects that cover the entire hemisphere if a planet.
    • Atmospheric anomalies not constrained to natural occurrences
  • Opr. Cassandra Larkins, Spc. Frank Mills, and Spc. Sam Wellington were KIA
  • Three Recruits acquired In-Op (in order of acquisition): Cade Grant, Kellen Valhalla, Ronan Steele
    • All had previous Corporate Affiliations, all granted clearance to join Juno’s Team
    • Pilot Turless Linke reassigned to Juno’s Command (Pilot’s Request, Minister Approval)
  • Weapon was recovered by Juno and returned to Galaxy Fortress One
  • Juno appointed Captain of her own team
    • Operational Funds allocated

Mission Rewards

  • 7,000 XP (Level Up!)
  • 1 Ultra Point for log
  • See the rewards on the Backstory page
  • See Mission Funds Allocation below

Notes from the Ministers

From Aden

Hey Juno! Great work out there in the field, that was supposed to be a much lower level threat than what you went up against. We’re all deeply mournful for the loss of Cassandra. Unfortunately she didn’t have any family or next of kin, but she spoke with me briefly and wanted all of her operational provisions to go to you. When she first came to me and requested you be on her team, she said she believed in you and said that if we gave you a chance you would shine. I certainly agree! As a result, I think you’ll find that your operations funding is quite generous. Don’t tell the other agents!

We’ll put all of her equipment (except DT of course) back into inventory and we’ll split the difference with you so you can start over. I want you to be able to build your own load outs and start fresh. Choose what’s right for you. I think that’s what Cassandra would have wanted.

I feel awful about what happened on Korriban, had we known what we were walking into things would’ve been a lot different. We were lucky you were there, or else that weapon could still be in circulation. I agree that mass destruction of that scale needs to be kept from the other Corporations, so it’ll remain safely locked in our most secure archives.

Take a few days to get your equipment sorted, I’m sure Dominic will have something for you soon. Good luck out there, and be safe!

From Dominic

Good work out in the field Juno. That mission was certainly a few calibers above your head and you handled it like a prof. We were all impressed by your field performance.

After careful consideration, and at your request, we’ve decided to approve you as Team Lead for your own operational outfit. Effectively immediately, you’re granted the rank of Acting Captain. While i don’t necessarily approve in your choice of crew, especially for a first time Outfit, who a Captain chooses to stand next to them when their life is on the line is a tradition that CyTech has respected since it’s inception. What I will say is keep an eye on your crew, being their Captain comes first. As far as you and your crew are concerned, you have our full support.

Below is a detailed budget for your outfit to establish themselves and each provision of your requisition fund is provided for. Further operational equipment will be provided as you and your team continue to prove yourselves in the field and any operational-specific equipment will, as always, be provided by CyTech. Don’t forget to choose a call sign for your team.

Pandora Budget Approval

We’ve taken possession of Cassandra’s old ship and the War Frame you brought back. The value of these assets has been figured into your new operational budget.

Total Operational Funds: 895,500c

Goliath Frame Fund: 300,000c
Transport Ship Funds: 250,000c
Pandora Equipment Fund: 100,000c
Team Equipment Fund: 240,000
Provisional Liquid Fund: 5,500c

Don’t worry about standard ammunition, CyTech will provide it to you, your team, and your Goliath outside of your normal operations fund. Special ammunition requests (grenades, missiles, etc) must come from your team fund, however.

The above figures include Cassandra’s request for your operational provision allotment.

I’m going to break standard protocol and tell you that we’ve locked the Planetary Weapon in our Archives. Only our top researches will have access to it, and even then only to determine how to counteract the effects of such a devastating weapon. In the future, should the IG build another prototype, I hope I can count on you to train our elite teams on surviving the weapon as you’re our only expert (and only survivor) on the subject.

Note that in the future I will not disclose the allocation of corporate assets, but given you lost a close friend and mentor in this operation I wanted to make an exception. She was one of my best and she’ll be sorely missed, her sacrifice certainly wasn’t in vain as our possession of this weapon will prevent the deaths of millions, maybe even billions, more.

Notes from the Crew

From Cade

Hey Boss Lady,

Getting all set up with our new gear, they kind of took everything else. I decided to wonder around a little and found some other Goliath Grinders working on a frame. They let me use their workspace in exchange for helping them with some modifications. At any rate, I came up with something pretty interesting. I think I have a way to let you use your Gravity Training and Gadget Training in a Goliath. First method is an amplifier for your Gravity Field system and the second is a Goliath-scale OmniGadget.

Naturally CyTech nabbed up my schematics but I know the whole design from memory and I smuggled out appropriated some spare parts. Let me know if you’re interested! Can’t wait to get started on the new Frames, make sure to ask if we can buy parts at cost and do the assembly work ourselves!

Oh one last thing. Looks like DT is programmed for a infiltration/recon sniper configuration. We should be able to reprogram him while maintaining his personality, in case you want him to specialize in something different.

- Cade

From Kellen

Status Report.

All of our equipment was confiscated and we were instructed to select new equipment. Personal affects were also taken. We were sent to a medical bay and put through a preliminary medical examination to determine our overall physical health. Crew all passed successfully.

New equipment load-outs were presented to crew, each of us were instructed to use a CyTech approved datapad to requisition new materials. Selection was extensive, no issue with equipment availability.

Interrogated pilot about ulterior motives and to determine fitness for duty, Pilot passed inspection.

Recommend training exercises for crew to promote group effectiveness while in the field. Recommend extensive Goliath Proximity training, expect rest of crew to need some adjustment around heavy arms to reach maximum combat efficiency.

Recommend establishing crew hierarchy structure so command will not be an issue in the field.

Personal Note: Excuse my unprofessional addendum, I wished to once again express my gratitude for your efforts on Korriban.

This concludes my report.

- Kellen Valhalla
Formerly of the DragonFire 7th Sentry, Commander, Special Tactics Division

From Ronan

Ms. Juno,

Thank you again for honoring our arrangement. I was met with extensive resistance by some CyTech personnel because of their inability to conduct as thorough of a background check on me as they would have liked, it’s my understanding that your authorization is the only thing preventing them from packing me into an escape pod and shooting me into space. So thanks for that, I’m looking forward to working with you in the coming future.

I wanted to apologize again for my elusive behavior when we first met. More than anything else I want a fresh start and a new outlook on things. I want to be somewhere that I can define my own reality and earn my way through merit, not inherited title. This seems like the ideal place for me to do exactly that which is what I want, and I appreciate you giving me the chance. While I know it may not seem like it this early on, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t let you down.

I wish we could have met under better circumstances and I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your friend in Korriban. I spoke briefly with Turless about her and she seemed like not only an incredibly capable Operator, but also a treasured friend. I know losing someone like that can be devastating, and while no one can take her place I wanted to assure you that your new crew, and your new friends, would be there for you if you ever need us.

Here’s to the future! Here’s to us!

- Ronan Steele
Former IG Stuff-Shirt

Mission 1

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