Mission 2

Mission Debriefing

  • Pandora infiltrated an Alliance research station that was under siege by Havok
  • After infiltrating and taking back the station, Havok was driven out and withdrew their blockade
  • Pandora’s team prevented an extinction level event when the accelerator was fired at a planet
  • After returning to the station, Pandora’s team took custody of Lycander

Mission Rewards

  • 8,000 XP (Level Up!)
  • Mission Funds Allocation (Below)

Notes from the Ministers

From Dominic


Good work on the station. I agree with Aden’s assessment in that the Accelerator should not have been left in the hands of the Alliance. Destroying the device was in the Galaxy’s best interest. So far you’re showing good judgement in the field and making good calls, I’m glad to see Aden’s faith in you wasn’t misplaced.

The Accelerator, even with the “altered” targeting system, is going to change how we do business across the entire Galaxy. While the plans for the new targeting system clearly clash with your report (and don’t think I didn’t notice), it’s of little consequence. The ability to send supplies across the galaxy using the Accelerator will change the way CyTech does business, and we’ve already started prototype construction.

For outstanding work in the field, I’m issuing you and your team a bonus of 250,000 credits. Half in raw materials, half in liquid assets. Distribute it how you see fit among your own. Further, I’m promoting you to “Specialist” and all the perks and responsibilities associated therein.

Once you return to Fortress One, we’ll sit down and have a conversation with your newest recruit. Regardless of his decision, the Ministers will back your promise to him despite the monumental asset he represents. Should he choose not to accept our offer, he will be allowed to remain on your ship or we’ll arrange transportation to take him wherever he wishes to go.

Get your crew and ship outfitted in the few days of down time you have, you’ll be headed out again soon. We wouldn’t want you to get bored, after all.

From Aden

Heya Juno!

Always good to hear from you dear. Congratulations on your promotion, you earned it! Won’t be long now before you’re at the helm of your own Capital Ship making the galaxy a better place for everyone. Look me up next time you’re on Fortress Three, I’d love to catch up! Drinks for you and your team are on me!

Notes from the Crew

From Cade

Hey Boss Lady,

Sorry I shot you out of a cannon, could’ve burned you and DT to a crisp but I’m glad it didn’t! New Frame I designed looks like it’s holding up great. Honestly I thought two frames was the way to go but it looks like you were right going all out for one frame. Guess that’s why you’re the Operator and I’m the Tech, haha.

I’ve been looking over the schematics from the Accelerator and noticed the targeting system changed from what I remember. It’s way less accurate now. Still usable, but way less precise. Any idea what happened here?

Still got some modifications for DT if you want to review them some time, just let me know.

I wanted to grenade the Havok punks that were rabbiting to their shuttle but Kellen ordered me not to. Guess he thought three against one weren’t good odds. Since he’s the second in command I followed the order, but I still think I could’ve disabled or tracked the ship had they given me a heads up he was on the way out. I’ll have some tracking equipment prepped for next time it happens, just in case.

- Cade

From Kellen

Post Mission Report.

New equipment seems to be performing well. CyTech assets proving valuable in the field. No issues with equipment adjustments while on mission.

Ronan has displayed advanced tactical knowledge in our training sessions. Decided to leverage him in the landing bay battle to test his field awareness. Impressed with the results. Noting for Captain that Ronan has advanced tactical knowledge applicable to the field. Recommend further training of Cade if he’s to continue on field assignments.

Havok leader of the station escaped after collapsing a portion of the station on Ronan and I while running to the cargo bay. Commed Cade and ordered him not to engage due to overwhelming odds against him. Cade complied. Ronan once again proved himself by stopping the debris above us, but it still took some time for us to clear the hallway and unearth ourselves. I take full responsibility for this oversight in our operation, as this was my assignment as ordered by the Captain and I was the leading officer in command while Captain was off-station. i will accept any punishment deemed appropriate by Captain Juno as a result.

- Kellen Valhalla
First Officer of field team Pandora, CyTech Ltd

From Ronan


Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done at the station. Lots of lives could’ve been lost, and thanks to you they weren’t. Unfortunately this part of our job is largely thankless as most of the people we keep from harms way aren’t even aware that they’re in its path to begin with. But this is why I left IG, to go out into the field and help people like we did on that station. I’ll admit, it felt good to be out there protecting not just our team, but also the people on that planet. This is what I wanted, thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of it.

One last thing. I know you’re very taken with Lycander now that his circumstances have been revealed, but i wanted to pass along a word of caution. What he knows, what he has, could change the balance of the galaxy forever. I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do, but please consider the ramifications of what happens to a species that is gifted with power it didn’t earn.

Looking forward to our next mission and congratulations on your promotion, it was well deserved.

- Ronan Steele
Pandora’s “Diplomat”

Mission 2

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