Mission 3

Mission Debriefing

  • Pandora’s team boarded Observation Station IB7-F4
  • Juno snuck on board the White Knives ship and planted illegal contraband
    • Authorities detained then extradited the merc group after Ronan fabricated a warrant for their arrest
  • Half way through the opening conference and Dr. Mentzon’s presentation, a group of droids assaulted the station
  • Pandora’s team, posing as the White Knives, managed to repel the droid force that occupied the station
  • While Juno managed to secure the Doctor’s research hard drive, the data was corrupted when she attempted to access it… however, she managed to retrieve samples of the Doctor’s technology and return it to Cytech

Mission Rewards

  • 9,000 XP (Level Up!)
  • Mission Funds Allocation (Below)

Notes from the Ministers

From Dominic


Great work on the station, the field notes in addition to the prototype samples were more than I had expected. The doctor’s work in nanotechnology and quantum-state computing will be a huge asset for CyTech. It sounds like the doctor left rather abruptly after the attack and you won’t able to keep in contact with him. I had initially assigned this operation to you because I thought you would attempt to establish a relationship with the doctor, given you clearly have a vested interest in one of the foremost authorities on nanotechnology. Sounds like that didn’t pan out which is unfortunate for us.

I’m transferring 120,000c to your corporate account for you and your team. In addition, I’ll open up another 130,000c in asset allocations for equipment and other provisions.

You’re quickly becoming one of my most reliable field agents, continue your outstanding performance in the field and I can promise you’ll go far in CyTech.

I’ll let you know when I have your next assignment.

Mission 3

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