Mission 6

Mission Debriefing

  • Pandora’s team went to Pax to NEST (Northatlantic Edification and Somatic Training) Facility.
  • After their first day there, Purity attacked in the evening
  • Michael rushed out to hold them off and collapsed the entrance to the facility, separating the attackers from his friends
  • While they bombarded the facility, the inside was left largely in tact and no data had been compromised from the facility, Michael was found missing
  • Galaxy Fortress Two arrived shortly after the ground assault began and repelled the Purity force

Mission Rewards

  • 6,000 XP
  • Mission Funds Allocation (Below)

Notes from the Ministers

From Dominic


Congratulations again on your promotion. You’re quickly becoming one of our best operatives and while I’m honored that you considered Ops, I think you’ll be happier in Specs with Turless. While you’ve no doubt had the chance to speak with him about the events that unfolded over the last few months, please try to understand that anonymity is the Ministers first line of defense against corporate espionage. The higher up in the corporation you climb, the more information will be made available to you. But hopefully by now you realize that everything with CyTech is earned, nothing is given.

While it may be unprofessional, I’ll admit that I had misgivings at first about you taking Michael on board your ship instead of just collecting the sample like you were assigned to. I knew the risk would be great, but after seeing the details of what we can do and talking it over with a few of the other Ministers I’ve come to agree with the call you made in the field. Not only was Michael too valuable to leave in Purity control, he’s also a person that didn’t deserve to be stranded alone on that planet. In this advanced world of planet-crushing orbital platforms and advanced cybernetic enhancements, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the human element. I appreciate your perspective on this assignment and despite the loss of life as a result of Purity’s retaliation, assure you that you did the right thing.

The samples we gleamed from Michael are nothing short of remarkable. Aiden and his team are working on uncovering the secrets of his genetic structure and how he’s able to do what he does. More importantly, we’ve come to realize that Purity is far more advanced than our intel suggests which means we’ve got some catching up to do.

I’ve wired a bonus of 1,500,000c to you for you and your team. Michael’s genome sequence might not only be the key to standing up to Purity, but also the future of mankind as we know it.

- Dominic
Minister of Operations, CyTech Inc

From Kyle

Hello Juno,

Just wanted to thank you and your team for your outstanding showing at NEST. You bought me the time I needed to get my staff to safety and saved a lot of lives that day. We should’ve lost most of our personnel, but thanks to you we kept casualties to a minimum. I’ll mourn the good people we lost, but more importantly I’m grateful for those we didn’t.

I know you’re upset about losing Michael, and that losing a member of your team isn’t easy. It never gets easier. If it does, that’s how you know something is wrong. My staff and I will never forget his sacrifice and we’ll always remember his heroic effort to save his friends. If there’s one lesson I wanted to teach you it’s how to turn pain into motivation, to channel what hurts you into what drives you, but it seems that’s a lesson you’ve already learned.

As angry as you are at Aiden for all that’s happened, he helped you become a fine young woman. I’m proud of you. Quite a few members of CyTech were worried about the team you had assembled, I take no small satisfaction in seeing them proved wrong.

Now that you’re Spec Ops I know you’re based out of a different Fortress, but I hope you’ll make it back to Two as often as you can so we can continue to get to know each other. You’ve grown up to be something special and I want you to be a bigger part of my life.

I’m sorry if this is a bit much, what happened on NEST made me realize that what’s left unsaid sometimes shouldn’t be. We’ve lost so much time it makes what time we have left that much more important i feel.

- Kyle

Response to Kyle from Juno

Mission 6

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