Mission 7

Mission Debriefing

  • Athena came on board the ship and gave coordinates to Michael’s whereabouts
  • Pandora’s crew infiltrated the IG Royal Ball
  • While there, the Supreme Emperor came under attack
  • Pandora’s crew managed to repel the assailant
  • After losing him in the chase, Pandora and her team retreated with the Supreme Emperor into his bunker
  • It was revealed that Ronan was the Emperor’s son and that the Emperor was dying

Mission Rewards

  • 6.000xp (Level Up! – Level 13)

External Transmissions

From Unknown Sender

Juno Saga,

Nice to finally meet you in person. You’re exactly what I expected. Not even an ounce of panic when I sat across from you at the table. Calm, cool, and in control. We’re a lot alike.

I hope you didn’t mind me dropping by CyTech’s big bad Galaxy Fortresses for tea. I thought it was time we finally met in person. I couldn’t help but notice Doctor Torres was back with CyTech and busy bustling about in her lab. Just like old times. Careful with that one dear sister, she loves to make an awful mess of things. I would’ve loved to have seen her face while she was desperately searching through water glasses for a DNA sample I left behind. Our mighty scientist mother, reduced to a common dishwasher in her mad quest to get one step ahead of me. I think we can both agree that she could use a little bit of humbling, she’s been playing God for so long I’m sure she’s all but forgotten how the other half lives.

The IG ball was lovely, wasn’t it? I did a little digging on your boyfriend and was surprised at what I found. He’s keeping secrets from you Juno, they all do. It was high time for him to come clean, especially since the two of you are engaged now. I suppose he’d be mad at you if you tried to get the truth out of him, isn’t it convenient that circumstances transpired the way they did? You now know exactly who he is and you didn’t have to force his hand. You’re welcome.

If you’re wondering why, it’s a simple truth; secrets ruin relationships. Surely you know that given how much damage has been done between you, Petra and Aiden. Which is why you and I don’t have any secrets, do we? You know who I am, you know what I’m going to do, and you know how I’m going to do it. The way I see it, I’m the only person in your life not hiding anything from you. I just proved that, didn’t I? I’d say that makes me the most trusting relationship you have, wouldn’t you agree? I certainly feel the same way. Maybe you can talk some sense into that short-sighted sister of ours, Talia’s been disappointing me for years now.

Oh and I don’t want you to worry about our other sisters. I’m going to find them, and when I do I’m going to do for them what I did for you. I’ll pass along what I find out as I get it, I don’t want to keep our family separated like the arrogant doctor has after all. You’re right about her, she’s got it all wrong and we both know you can do better. Be their beloved sister and I’ll make sure the Saga family is strong enough to weather any storm. Believe me when I say a big one is coming, just over the horizon.

I’d love to attend the wedding by the way, now that you and the bastard prince are engaged. I hope we can agree to stay civil for the event, I’d hate to make a mess of things on your big day. Maybe if we can agree to play nice I’ll bring a date for Talia, sound good to you?

From your devoted sister,

- Athena Saga

Response to Athena from Juno

From Hanley Barton

Ms. Saga,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Hanley Barton, Seneschal for Supreme Emperor Valorian. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your team for your efforts to protect the Emperor at the Royal Ball. Rest assure we will be reconsidering the security of the royal palace in the future. As such, we have a standing bounty for assistance rendered. Please consider this a token of our gratitude, and find enclosed a bounty of 50,000c for you and your team.

Again my sincerest thanks,

- Hanley Barton
Imperial Galactic
Seneschal to the Supreme Emperor Valorian
Long Live the King

Mission 7

To the Ends of the Galaxy Jonathonathon