Mission 9

Mission Debriefing

  • At joking request, Kellen set off for DragonFire to take back his clan
  • The crew met with Talion and Kiera, Kellen’s parents, who both thought he was dead
  • Kellen challenged Talion after he argued about giving up control of their house
  • During the night, cyborg assassins attacked crew
  • The tracked the source to Kyo Kang, a prominent member of a gang called the Aka Gyangu, who sent the Assassins when Talion told him Kellen had returned
  • Kellen moved up the challenge and defeated his brother in combat, but chose not to kill him at the end of the conflict
  • After, Kellen called a meeting of all the other family heads of DragonFire and, using Ronan as an unknowing pawn, named himself Shogun of DragonFire

Mission Rewards

  • 6,000xp (Level Up! – Level 14)
  • Mission Funds Allocation – 80,000c

Notes from the Ministers

From Turless

O Captain My Captain,

Heard the good news about DragonFire conglomerate’s takeover, if I understand my intel Kellen lead the charge on this one and seized back control of his family’s assets then the entire Corporation. Not a bad weeks worth of work. Having DragonFire on board will be a huge asset for us, once IG is also on board then the Alliance will probably follow quickly thereafter. I’m handling Kellen’s request after requesting a look at his books, seems his brother was doing a fairly good job of turning things around but we’ll make sure his house doesn’t collapse. Looks like you now have the most important transport in almost the entire galaxy just based on passengers on board, that makes you a higher priority target so you might want to make sure your ship’s defenses are up to snuff.

Let me know if Kellen is going to relocate or not so I can take that into consideration when I hand out mission assignments. Also I’ll throw you and your crew pay for this alliance to the tune of 80K in credits. I’d hand out more for one of the biggest corporate alliances in history, but I’m diverting extra resources to keep Kellen afloat for the time being. Hope that’s alright.

I’m still looking for Michael, no word on him yet. You’ll bet he first to know when or if I find anything.

- Turless Linke
Minister of Special Operations, CyTech Inc

“That Damn Cyborg, he’s probably spying on us right now.”
- Juno Saga

Message from Juno to Turless

From Kyle


Big news on DragonFire, extend my congratulations to your team and Kellen. We all feel a lot better about this upcoming conflict now that we’re starting to bring people together to stand against Havok. They’re growing at an alarming rate and it was just a matter of time until we were overwhelmed.

Gillian is safe on board Galaxy Fortress Two. I spent a few hours making sure she was settled in. I’m surprised at how capable she is for an IG noble, both diplomatically and in combat. I can see where Ronan gets it from. Combat is just something that’s in our blood and has been for quite a few generations now. Remind me some time, I’ll tell you more about your lineage when we get the chance.

- Kyle
Minister of Defense, CyTech Inc.

Message from Juno to Kyle

Mission 9

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